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IVF Calculator

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Are you wishing to find out the chance of your IVF treatment being successful?

An IVF Calculator has been developed to give you a personal accurate success rate.

The average success rate for IVF treatment using fresh eggs in the UK is
  • 28.2% (for women under 35);
  • 23.6% (for women aged 35-37)
  • 18.3% (for women aged 38-39)
  • 10.6% (for women aged 40-42)
The average success rate for Donor Insemination treatment in the UK is
  • 14.1% (for women under 35);
  • 8.3% (for women aged 35-39)
  • 4.9% (for women aged 40-42)
ICSI represents 44% of all IVF treatment in the UK. The remainder is conventional IVF. Around 1% of all births are the result of IVF and Donor Insemination. In the UK, about 25% of IVF treatments are funded by the NHS.

A Mathematical test for IVF success called 'IVFpredict' has been developed by Professor Scott Nelson and Professor Debbie Lawlor and published in PLOS Medicine. 

Using data from more than 144,000 IVF cycles they have developed a mathematical model that allows couples to have the most accurate prediction of their chance of a live birth with IVF. In conjunction with Dr Tom Kelsey they have transformed this complex formula into a simple online and smartphone based calculator.

  • Personalised:  Takes into account your medical history and individualises the success rate for you.
  • Accurate: Using data from more than 144,000 cycles, this model is the most accurate available.
  • Gold standard: No other model predicts your chance of success with IVF taking into account your personal medical history.

The Calculator

The calculator works by assessing your answers to 9 questions, such as your age, previous pregnancies or live births.  For each of the nine steps, you choose the option that matches the IVF situation you have in mind. This could either be your current situation, or a hypothetical situation. For some of the steps, you will need some clinical information, such as causes of infertility or proposed medication. After the nine steps, there is a summary page that lists the choices you made, together with the calculated percentage chance of a live birth for an IVF cycle.

To calculate your personalised prediction of the chance of having a live birth with your next IVF cycle please follow the instructions on each page and select the correct option for you.
At the end you will see a summary page where you will be able to change your answers and recalculate your personalised prediction.

Start the IVF calculator test now.