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Message Credits
We don't charge high set up fees
We don't charge monthy subscription fees

Once you are a Pride Angel member you can purchase message credits to contact other members.

All funds from message credits go directly back into the hosting and running of the Pride Angel website,
to ensure this valuable service is continued.

Advantages of message credits

  • You only pay for the amount of times you contact other members
  • There is no time limit for contact credits, they don't run out
  • You can take your time with choosing your perfect match
  • Message credits prevents nuisance contacts from non-genuine members
  • Message credits helps prevent sperm donors over contacting and donating to too many people

How much are message credits?
1 message credit = 1 internal email to another member

Now members can purchase more than twice the number of message credits, for the same low price.

20  credits =    £20     
30  credits =    £28    
40  credits =    £34     
50  credits =    £38    

To buy message credits you need to first register as a member and login

Register now or login to buy message credits

Payments will be taken safely by PayPal from your PayPal account, or a credit or debit card and can be paid by any currency.

Replying to messages:  website etiquette

If you receive a message from another user, great news! you have obviously completed your profile and attracted some interest.
You may be happy to purse communications with the other person and get to know each other better before deciding to give out any personal information.

However you may not feel ready reply to someone who has contacted you, maybe they are not what you are looking for? or its just not the right time yet?

Please may we request though that you do kindly reply to any messages you receive, giving a simple reply such as:

'Many thanks for your message, however we are not quite ready to find a donor yet'

'Many thanks for contacting me, but I have already found someone to help'

Just checking out the site

If you are not quite ready to find your donor or co-parent yet, but are just wanting to check out the site, that's no problem. To save other members sending you messages though please write a comment in your profile e.g.
'Just looking at the moment' or 'found a donor who is happy to help'

Alternatively you may choose to make your profile 'private' , within the 'edit profile' section, so you will not be seen by other members.

Please may we remind members that email addresses are not permitted within personal profiles or forum entries. Our internal mail system is for the safety of our users.
Emails addresses should only be given to other members following contact through our internal mail and then only when you feel totally comfortable and happy to do so.