Co-parenting traditionally was a term used for parents who may have split following a divorce, however today its becoming a more popular way of creating a family. It may be that you are a single woman or man who has not found the right partner or maybe you are a lesbian couple who really like the idea of having the dad more actively involved in your child's life.

Gay couples are also increasingly considering co-parenting, often because it is a way of having your own biological child, without having to go through the uncertainty and financial stress of surrogacy.

Choosing to co-parent however is not an easy process. Unlike finding a sperm donor, choosing a co-parent involves finding someone who is going to be in your child's life and your life for many years, so it can be a big decision.

Finding the right co-parent may be tricky, but for those who do choose to co-parent, many have positive outcomes. The important thing is to get to know your potential co-parent well and communicate effectively.

Some people may like the idea co-parenting with a friend, because they are often someone they have known for some time and trust well. This arrangement may be successful, but if rushed into can create issues, mainly because they have not communicated their intentions fully for fear of breaking their friendship.

More people are turning to the internet and co-parenting websites in order find an ideal co-parent. Meeting someone through a website such as Pride Angel has many advantages. It is often easier to communicate initially through an internal messaging system prior to giving out personal details. You can also be more upfront with your potential co-parent about your expectations, this may mean you stand a better chance of meeting a like-minded person. We advise getting to know your co-parent over a period of 12months before having a child. This time period also allows you to prepare legal agreements, perform health screening checks and discuss your fertility options.

As well as getting on well with your co-parent, it is important that you share the same values on life, for example your views on religion, discipline, education and even diet. So it's important that you discuss these areas and even prepare a 'letter of intention' as part of your co-parenting agreement.

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