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Why do I need this test?

The male must produce a sufficient number of normal, actively moving sperm in order to achieve conception and according to he World Health Organisation a man needs 20 million sperm per mL to be considered fertile. The Babystart™ Home Test is a unique home test that will identify whether a mans sperm concentration is greater or less than 20 million per mL. A positive result is going to be good news although its not proof of fertility. There are many reasons why a man may be infertile, that is unable to father a child. One important reason is a low amount of sperm in semen. Other reasons could be inactive or incompletely formed sperm cells, high levels of other cells in the semen that interfere with fertilization, or other factors. Medical or physical conditions including stress, high fever, experienced within 2 months prior to testing, exercise, traveling and changes in diet can all have an effect. Your doctor can explain all this to you.

A negative result is not all bad news because it saves you months of trying to have a baby - in this case we suggest you get along to the doctor for professional help and advice.

This test can help to identify the potential of male fertility in the privacy of your home.

Male Sperm Count : How Does it Work?

The Babystart™ Home Diagnostic Screening Test Kit is a rapid test of sperm concentration in semen. It will measure sperm either as being above or below the recognised cut-off level of 20 million sperm cells per milliLitre (ml) recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Two test results of less than 20 million per ml are an indicator of male infertility.

The Test kit works by staining the sperm cells in the semen sample to produce a blue colour.

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How long should ejaculation be avoided before performing the test?

The man MUST abstain from ejaculation for at least 3 days but no longer than 7 days before doing each test.

Instructions and use

  • Read all instructions thoroughly before performing the test.
  • Colour blindness and improper lighting may affect interpretation of test results.
  • This test kit will perform 2 tests. Perform both tests 3-7 days apart to obtain final result.
  • This kit is intended for one user only.
  • Do not use after the expiry date on the box.

Note: Semen sample

Freshly ejaculated semen is gel-like in consistency but over time (usually 1 hour or longer) the sample thins to a more liquid consistency. Only once the semen is thinned should the semen sample be used for testing. The plastic cup contained within the test will help make the semen liquefy quicker.

Test Cassette:

The test cassette contains 4 wells labeled A,B,C and D. Wells A and C are blue in colour. This is the colour to which you will compare your test results.Test wells B and D are white in colour, these are the 2 test wells where you place your liquefied semen sample.


What does this test involve?

  • First collect a semen sample. The semen sample should be collected directly into the plastic cup provided by masturbation. Avoid touching the inside of the collection cup.
  • Place on the provided lid and swirl the contents around the cup gently, at least 10 times.Wait at least 15 minutes but not longer than 12 hours before testing the sample. Just before testing, swirl the cup contents again several times.
  • Open the foil pouch by tearing or cutting at the top. Remove the contents and place the test cassette on a flat surface with the sample wells facing upwards.
  • Swirl the semen sample in the plastic cup before removing the lid. Place the angled tip of the provided plastic dropper into the semen sample and squeeze the dropper at its midpoint. Release the pressure slowly and as you do this semen will be drawn into the dropper. 


  • Remove the dropper from the semen sample and gently squeezing the dropper add ONE drop of semen to the Test Well B of the testing cassette. Let the drop soak in for at least one minute.


  • Once the semen has soaked in, this usually only takes seconds, add TWO drops of BLUE solution (in the provided bottle) to the same Test Well B. Let the drops soak in for at least one minute

  • When the blue liquid has soaked in, add TWO drops of the CLEAR solution (in the provided bottle) to the TEST Well B. Let the drops soak in for at least one minute. READ the test results within 5 minutes of this step.

    Reading the TEST Results:

    Compare the colour intensity of Test Well B with the colour of Well A or C (Reference Wells).

    POSITIVE TEST: If the blue colour in Test Well B is as dark or darker than the colour in Reference Well A, this is a positive result. This means the sperm count is equal to or greater than 20 million per ml.

    NEGATIVE TEST: If the blue colour in Test Well B is lighter than the colour in the Reference Well A, this is a negative result, this means the sperm count is less than 20 million per ml.


    Note: If no colour appears, you may have made an error in adding the sample or solutions. Use the second test well or obtain another kit.

    After completing the first test, return the solution bottles and cassette to the foil pouch and seal. The blue solution is light sensitive and so should not be left out of the pouch for prolonged periods.

    Second Test:

    Repeat the same test, using the same cassette, the test should be carried out at least 3 days later but not more than 7 days after the first test. Follow all the instructions again but use Test Well D and compare to Reference Well C. If both tests were positive then your sperm count is equal to or greater than 20 million per mL. However, if either or both of the tests were negative then we recommend you consult your doctor with a view to having a full semen analysis performed.

    The results of the second test should be the same as the first test. If the results are different, wait 10 weeks and repeat the tests with a new kit.

    How accurate is this test?

    Overall accuracy of the test results is 97%. This means that 97% of the time, home users will be correct in either a positive or a negative reading. Performing 2 tests and obtaining the same result each time (positive or negative) will provide greater assurance of accurate results. The firm conclusion is that the Babystart™ Home Diagnostic Screening Test Kit technology gives highly accurate and reliable results when used by home users.

    Questions and Answers

    Q1: There are small flakes at the bottom of the collection cup, should I still use it?

    A1: Yes, do not remove these flakes they will be absorbed when the semen sample is added and help to liquefy the sample.

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