Pride Angel has been updated!

Pride Angel has been updated!

You may have noticed that today we have launched some new changes to the site which will enhance your experience with Pride Angel.

What are the new changes, I hear you ask?

We have updated the search facility to enable you to now search members profiles Worldwide, within Europe and within your specific chosen country. This is especially useful for members who are willing to travel to find their perfect match.

You are now able to search for a specific member by their ‘first name’, this is really useful if you previously saw a profile you where interested in, but forgot to add them to your favourite list.

Now when you send or receive messages within our internal mail, you even get to see an image of the person sending the message, and the county/state and country they are from.

We have also separated the co-parents into co-parents (male) and co-parents (female) this will make it far easier to find your ideal co-parent match.

If you’re new to Pride Angel you will now be asked to verify your email after registering, before you can login to Pride Angel. This change will benefit users using our internal messaging system. By spending a minute verifying your email address we can make sure that you are contactable by other members who may wish to send you a message.

We hope you enjoy our new updates

Pride Angel

Posted: 23/02/2010 08:03:22


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