Britain's first iphone baby is born after four years trying to conceive

Britain's first iphone baby is born after four years trying to conceive

A woman who was considering IVF treatment has given birth to a baby girl after using an iPhone application to become pregnant.

After four years of struggling to conceive, Lena Bryce and partner Dudley had nearly given up hope of having children, until she heard about the fertility app and downloaded it to her iPhone.

The 30-year-old entered her body temperature daily and the app calculated when she would be most fertile.

After just two months of using the technology she fell pregnant. Last Friday, a delighted Lena gave birth to 6lb 12ozs Lola at Glasgow Southern General Hospital on the exact date the app had predicted.

Lena said she had been considering IVF and adoption, but thought of other ideas when Dudley bought her an iPhone for her 30th birthday. 'I typed in "get pregnant" and downloaded five apps,' the delighted mother said. 'The Free Menstrual Calendar was easiest to use so I stuck with it and in two months I was pregnant. 'Now we have our gorgeous daughter and couldn't be happier,' she told The Sun. Bar manager Dudley was equally 'over the moon'.

Lena, who works as an accountant, said the app calendar highlighted in pink when she was most fertile and advised the couple to have sex three days before it.

The couple from Glasgow plan to use the programme again.

This month an iPhone application that claims to be able to tell parents what their baby's cries mean was launched. The Cry Translator app, which costs £17.99, 'quickly identifies an infant's cry, based on one of five emotional or physiological states: hunger, fatigue, annoyance, stress or boredom, ' say the creators.

Parents are told to simply place their iPhone about a foot from the crying baby and touch the 'Start' button. The cries are analysed and identified within the 10-second window with a 96 per cent degree of accuracy . Once the cry has been identified, tips to calm the infant are provided.

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