Mother’s Day for Two Mums

Mother’s Day for Two Mums

Do you ever wonder what mother’s day is like in a house with two mums?

In a home with lesbian parents raising children, the emphasis is on Mother’s day being about ‘Mothers’ or parents rather than on an individual.

Mother’s day in a house with two mums can be an extra special event. The only challenge however, is that when you are celebrating both of your mums on the same day, then mother’s day doesn’t actually celebrate either parent as an individual. Instead of being about one parent it is about both parents which makes it more of a family day.

Other challenges which differ in a house with two mums include: which adult does the organising if the children aren’t old enough themselves? How do you make sure both parents feel equally important? How does special attention between parents get divided? For example who makes breakfast in bed if the children aren’t old enough to do it by themselves?

In Erika and Karen’s house their daughter who is now 10 years old, delights in making special handmade gifts and individual mother’s day cards for both of them, and rushes into their bedroom in the morning, so not much of a lie in can be had!

Erika often chooses to help their daughter make breakfast in bed for Karen (biological mum). However Karen is always sure to give Erika (jokingly called ‘mum number 1’) her 'special time' which she has already requested to be a foot massage on mother’s day evening.

Erika said ‘Overall our mother’s day is all about having a relaxing family day together, visiting grandparents , having a walk on the beach, an ice cream and enjoying a watching a film together in the evening’ .

‘Gifts aren’t really necessary, all that’s needed is to show each other how much we are both valued and appreciated as parents’ added Karen.

We at Pride Angel wish all mums a very happy mother’s day and for all those hoping to become mums in the near future we wish you much happiness in your journey to become parents.

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Posted: 14/03/2010 08:17:39


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