Single, gay or lesbian over 40 and wanting to become a parent?

Single, gay or lesbian over 40 and wanting to become a parent?

Rhonda is a producer in the development phase of a documentary project on single midlife (40ish-plus) men and women seeking to become first-time parents, whether it be through IVF, donor eggs and sperm, adoption or surrogacy.

She is seeking a diverse pool of midlife singles willing to share their stories of the heartache, trials, social stigma and joys faced in their journeys toward single parenting by choice.

Rhonda is one of the producers for the project and, herself, a single midlife woman with an ever-present desire to become a mother. She is not certain what means will lead her to parenthood, but remains convinced that motherhood is her calling.

The hope is for the documentary to provide discourse on the topic and draw to light the fact that the desire for a child doesn't rest solely with women or fade if a person finds himself or herself in midlife without a partner.

Rhonda is particularly interested in connecting with lesbian and gay midlife singles along with ethnic minorities seeking parenthood. She is looking for those who would bravely side with her in the telling of this thrilling -- albeit angst-ridden - journey and hopes to hear from you regarding this intensely personal project.

Posted: 17/04/2011 17:00:20


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