Egg donor needed for woman who went through the menopause age 12

Egg donor needed for woman who went through the menopause age 12

Woman who went through menopause aged 12 pleads for egg donor after seven-year struggle to have baby.

A childless woman has made a desperate plea for egg donors after she went through the menopause - at the age of 12. Sarah Johnson, 27, experienced a change in her fertility decades earlier than usual after she was born with a rare medical condition meaning she cannot conceive naturally. The nursery nurse and her husband Vincent, 32, have tried for the last seven years to conceive without success.

They turned to egg donation as their last hope of having a baby but a national shortage of donors has hampered their attempts Last year, an anonymous woman came forward and donated eggs but at the 11th hour the process failed - and their hopes were dashed.

Sarah, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, said: 'It's devastating, heartbreaking and a complete rollercoaster. 'I've always been around children and have longed to be a mother for so long so it was really difficult when that dream was taken away.

'This is our last chance - we need more women to come forward to donate their eggs otherwise it won't work. We are so desperate for a baby of our own. ' It's not just about us as a couple - we want to help other people in the same position.'

The couple's fertility treatment, at St Mary's in Manchester, is being funded by the NHS. Sarah, who works at a nursery at Manchester Airport, and Vincent, an IT administrator, have one more attempt at egg donation on the NHS and if it fails say they would consider adoption.

Sarah said she was stunned when doctors told her she had a rare genetic disorder - Turner Mosaic Syndrome. The condition had caused her to have a premature menopause, meaning she would be unable to get pregnant naturally. She said: 'I can't explain how I felt - it was just the worst feeling but egg donation offers us hope. It didn't work out last time but we haven't lost hope and want to give it another go.'

Pip Morris, from the National Gamete Donation Trust, is helping them find a donor. She said: 'We'd encourage healthy women, aged between 18 and 35, to consider being an egg donor. It's such a wonderful thing to be able to do. 'People can contact us in confidence with no pressure to sign up. There is a national shortage and we desperately need more donors.'

Article: 9th May 2011

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