Nominate your chosen person for the 2011 Pink List

Nominate your chosen person for the 2011 Pink List

Nominate your entry for the IoS 2011 Pink List

The Independent on Sunday's annual Pink List returns next month, celebrating the 101 most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women in Britain.

Since the list was last published in 2010, we can add to the list an England cricketer (Steven Davies), an X Factor winner (Joe McElderry) and a chart-topping singer (Jessie J). But influence is not all about hitting a boundary or appearing at Glastonbury on a gilded throne.

Of course, it takes courage to be gay in the public eye – particularly in the world of sport, for instance, or for women who aspire to thrive in a career in television. Last year, we awarded the joint number one position to the rugby player Gareth Thomas and Mary Portas, the Queen of Shops.

But there are many more people who daily improve life in this country without their work ever receiving applause. Campaigners who effect the first small changes that eventually become written into law. Volunteers who work with young people. They too deserve our garlands of praise.

This year, then, we would like to ask for your help. Do you know an unsung champion whose work promotes real progress and equality in this country? Is there someone whose name should be celebrated alongside national treasures such as Sir Ian McKellen, Alan Bennett, Sue Perkins and Jeanette Winterson? We want you to let us know.

You can send your nominations in the following ways: by email, to; or post your nomination at:; and by post: Pink List, The Independent on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5HF. A panel of high-profile judges will pore over your suggestions and bring you their final 101 on 23 October.

Each year, the Pink List receives its fair share of praise and censure. And the ever-increasing number of worthy nominees proves that being gay is less and less of a defining factor. Here is proof that gay men and women can be sporting legends, or courageous soldiers, or actors, cabinet ministers, judges or dancers – anything at all.

As for the definition of influential – this time, that's up to you. Let us know who inspires you. And if that person happens to be a chart-topping singer or a sporting star – well, we're happy to consider them for the list, too.

Who would you like to see celebrated in the Pink List? Nominate your hero or heroine here. And feel free to vote for famous people, too. Nominations will close on Sunday 16th October.

Follow this link to make your nomination:

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