Sperm donors desperately needed in Gold Coast Australia

Sperm donors desperately needed in Gold Coast Australia

DESPERATE couples and single women are being forced to import sperm from overseas to become parents because there are just eight registered donors on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Bulletin can reveal the city's three fertility clinics Monash IVF, City Fertility and Queensland Fertility Group have only eight donors to cover a population of more than half a million.

Gold Coast fertility doctors believe changes to legislation have increased demand, but shortened supply. In 2005 laws changed allowing single women and same sex couples access to fertility treatments. The law also changed so that all Australian sperm donors were no longer able to remain anonymous.

Queensland Fertility Group Medical Director Dr Andrew Cary said about 400 of their patients statewide seek access to donor sperm each year, yet they only recruit about four donors a year.

''It's hard to retain donors as they are only allowed to create ten families, including their own and must now consent to having their identity released to any children who arise from the use of their sperm once the child reaches 18,'' he said.

''Due to this, less than 20 percent of potential donors who make initial inquires now go through to becoming registered donors.'' Gold Coast fertility clinics are interested in speaking with anyone who is considering donating sperm.

Article: 5th September 2011 www.goldcoast.com.au

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