Ever thought of freezing your eggs to have a baby in the future?

Ever thought of freezing your eggs to have a baby in the future?

Have you ever frozen your eggs to help you have a baby or are you considering freezing your eggs to have a family in the future? The Sunday Times Magazine is researching an in-depth feature on egg freezing and in particular the issue of social egg freezing.

They are looking for women who would like to share their inspiring stories with their readers. The Sunday Times Magazine is a high quality publication. Serena from the Magazine says ‘anyone who chooses to speak to us will do so on their own terms, and you would be able to ensure your story was told your way.’

The aim of the piece is to inspire and inform women of all ages about their options with regards fertility preservation. Serena believes that there is not enough information about the positive effect egg freezing can have both for families who have failed to conceive using other more traditional procedures, and also women who are seeking to preserve their fertility for more personal reasons.

These days 1 in 3 female graduates will end up involuntary childless. Serena is seeking to examine why this is happening and to combat the myth that women are prioritising careers over having a family. ‘I need your stories to help me tell me to do this’ says Serena.

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Article: Pride Angel 13th February 2013

Posted: 13/02/2013 17:15:14


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