Penelope Cruz's sister turned to anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant

Penelope Cruz's sister turned to anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant

Penelope Cruz's younger sister Monica has admitted that she turned to an anonymous sperm donor to get pregnant. Monica, 35, was worried that she would not meet the man of her dreams in time to start a family and so sought help through artificial insemination. The model revealed the truth about her pregnancy on her web based blog for Spanish newspaper El País.

Monica, who models for luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, said that she would have preferred to wait for a perfect match but feared 'it would then be too late for motherhood and [I] could not wait'.

She wrote: 'I am going to be a mother! I have managed to fulfill the dream of a lifetime. 'Because of that I want to share with all of you this special journey and to be able to tell you about all my experiences during this fascinating time.'

Monica decided to speak publicly about her pregnancy to address the inevitable questions she would get about the identity of the father. Keeping an air of dignity she deliberately 'isolated' and hid herself away from the world during the first few weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid making money from her private life.

She said: 'I wanted to avoid, above all, that they spoke about possible fathers or the possible candidates to be it. 'So I have decided to tell all. To become pregnant, I turned to artificial insemination.

'I want to tell, also, so I can have the opportunity to show my thanks to all those anonymous men that help to give many women like me, the dream of their lives.' Monica felt uneasy about hiding the manner in which she was able to get pregnant but is happy to be helping make the topic less taboo.

Article: 11th January 2013

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