Survivor star may have fathered over 200 children

Survivor star may have fathered over 200 children

No, Richard Hatch is not starring in Delivery Man, the upcoming comedy about a sperm donor who learns he's fathered more than 533 children at a fertility clinic. That would be Vince Vaughn (see the trailer below).

However, the guy who won the first-ever edition of CBS' Survivor 13 years ago may have begot as many as 200 children—in his case, by donating sperm week after week to the Cryobank sperm bank in Fairfax, Va., over a two-year period during his college days because he was in need of cash.

"I did it for two years, about two or three times a week," Hatch told Inside Edition about his stint at Virginia's George Mason University. It turns out the reality star was as free with his DNA as he was walking the beaches of Borneo in his birthday suit.

Hatch acknowledged that he made several hundred deposits at his local sperm bank that netted him $30 a donation, which, if one does the math, could mean he might have fathered dozens, if not, a couple of hundred kids during that span.

While there's no telling exactly how many offspring might be running around, word of his paternity got out when the news magazine interviewed him as he met two of the biological children he fathered—Emily Kidd and Devin O'Neill, both 24.

Apparently, the two were able to track down the Castaway with the help of information from their mothers and a website called the Donor Sibling Registry, which listed him as a 6'4" educated Swede.

At which point, O'Neill said he emailed Hatch inquiring about paternity while Kidd's mom subsequently confirmed that the erstwhile corporate trainer turned convicted tax dodger was indeed her dad. And upon hearing it was Hatch, Emily recalled watching the first season of Survivor so long ago.

"I didn't remember much from when I was 11, but I do remember the naked man and the hype of it," she remarked. As for Devin, he had no clue of the Rhode Island native's past life on Survivor or The Apprentice for that matter.

Hatch, who's gay, has one son whom he adopted in 1998. The latter currently lives in Newport with his dad and Richard's partner, Emiliano, whom Hatch married in 2005.

As far as meeting the children whom he fathered through the sperm bank, the reality star told Inside Edition that he's up for getting to know them better, though he has no intention of taking the place of the fathers who raised them. "It's an exciting time. It's a great time," he said.

Article: 15th September 2013

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