GOING SOLO: A guide for single women in the UK hoping to start a family

GOING SOLO: A guide for single women in the UK hoping to start a family

There are now about 1000 single women each year in Britain deciding to start a family alone. This is the book for which they've been waiting too long!

Ever since I started on my route to solo motherhood 25 years ago, I have been involved with others, sharing mutual support and working it out as we go along. 
This book has been assembled over four years, with much help from many others, and the issues continue to change and grow in complexity.
In 11 chapters, it will cover:

  • Choices and decisons,
  • conceiving
  • pregnancy and birth as a solo mum
  • adoption
  • talking & telling
  • solo mothering
  • how do the children fare
  • the legal context
  • donor and sibling tracing
  • contingency planning

I'm hoping this will set a basis for the future development of a thriving exchange - of updated information as well as views  from the experience of the many different women choosing this route to create a family.   As soon as this bit is done, I can start working on that.


It needs editing, proof-reading and design for the cover etc: all of these I hope to be done by solo mums, for which I'd like to pay a reasonable rate.  Then it will go to a publisher for simultaneous e-publication and print-to-order.  It will be promoted and sold through the DCNetwork and anywhere else I can find to deal with it, but these have an up-front cost, which I hope to re-coup on the sales, so it becomes self-funding in the long run.


Posted: 10/03/2017 19:54:49


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