We are having a baby !

We are having a baby !

We are delighted to announce that we are pregnant and having a baby, yipi !

As the co-founders of Pride Angel  and after four long years of trying we can truly say that we understand how it feels to want a baby, search for the right donor and conceive our baby through artificial insemination.

We chose to create Pride Angel to help others create their dream and we were also certain that we wanted to find our sperm donor through our own website Pride Angel.  

After contacting some lovely potential donors we tried with our first for 12 months with no success. The donor lived 5 hours away, so the practical side of trying to conceive was quite difficult. It was a stressful time because we started to believe it may have been due to an infertility problem. Erika had all the normal fertility checks through her NHS fertility service and was given the all clear. This was a huge relief, but being over 35 her biological clock was ticking. It was a hard decision, but we decided to find another donor.

Determined not to give up,  our search started again. We found another fantastic donor and this time we decided to get his sperm checked out at a fertility clinic. Unfortunately he result came back as bad news, his sperm count and motility where poor - So our search started again for the right 'fertile' donor.

We also had a specific requirement for our donor and that was that we wanted someone who was happy to be known as dad and would see our child at least once or twice a year, like an uncle type figure. This ruled out some donors who didn't want this level of commitment. Nevertheless this was something we weren't prepared to compromise on as we believed in the importance of our child knowing  their biological routes.

The search began again, we knew the type of donor we wanted and he had to exist, we just hadn't found him yet.  

A couple of months later we came across a lovely, handsome man who only lived 40 minutes away.  It seemed meant to be, however we didn't want to get our hopes up too much.

Our fingers and toes where tightly crossed, and after 2 months of trying - we were delighted to get 2 blue lines on the pregnancy test - that was 8 months ago - the baby bump is very big now :)

We are now waiting in anticipation of the big day.

Erika and Karen x

Posted: 21/10/2017 22:07:40


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