Co-Parenting Network Event

Co-Parenting Network Event

Pride Angel has teamed up with a professional event organiser to offer you a unique opportunity. 

For the first time in the UK there is a networking conference for anyone interested in learning more about starting a family through Co-Parenting. Whether you are single and have not met the right partner or maybe you are in a same sex relationship?  then co-parenting is a great way to start a family with both biological parents being involved in the upbringing. 

 Areas that will be covered will help you see both  the benefits and the pitfalls of co-parenting, with some of the UK's leading experts in the field. 

Topics to be covered in this interactive and educational day include:

Legal Nutrition  Financial  Physiological  Real Case studies by Co-Parents

Followed by the opportunity to network with fellow like-minded Co-Parents and potentially even meet someone who you may wish to Co-Parent with?

Huge savings for those who book early and places are limited.  Join us for this fun and informative day out and meet a potential partner to start your journey into parenting. 


Posted: 17/06/2018 21:00:35


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