Fertility week 28th October to 3rd November - #YouAreNotAlone

Fertility week 28th October to 3rd November - #YouAreNotAlone

The week’s main focus is to spread awareness for fertility issues to a wider audience. It is time to put a media spotlight on infertility. It is a real issue that 1 in 6 couples in the UK face.

Monday 28th October #MentalMatters

Infertility is a disease that is not only about your physical health, but one that can affect your mental health too. It is so important to look after and be kind to yourself. Which is why on our #MentalMatters day, the kick-starter of National Fertility Awareness Week, we will share tips from mental health experts such as Claire Raheem and Kelly Da Silva, as well as testimonials from real people within our community. This day is not just about raising awareness about fertility and mental health but providing our network with solutions to help you navigate through this chapter in your life.

Tuesday 29 October #FertilityInTheWorkplace

 Most people going through fertility treatment are of working age. It’s important to both know your rights as an employee, and how to provide a supportive work environment as an employer. For our #FertilityInTheWorkplace day we will share research findings in collaboration with Middlesex University, Experiences and psychological distress of fertility treatment and employment.*

The key to #FertilityInTheWorkplace really is flexibility and understanding. Don’t forget to check our social media on this day, where we show how proposing a supportive workplace can be made into a reality and make a real difference to employees going through fertility treatment.

Wednesday 30th October #MenMatter

Men are half of the fertility equation but may find it harder to express their feelings. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of promotion of male voices in this community. To raise awareness of this, Fertility Network UK will spotlight he male voice and share testimonials from men facing infertility.

Fertility Network will also share clan all-important documentary, The Easy Bit, which focuses on the male experience.

Thursday 31st October #FertilityEducation

 71% of young people are not aware of lifestyle factors that could affect their fertility. We share results from our own Fertility Education project #FutureFertility, which was funded by the Scottish Government.

It is essential to provide targeted information to a diverse range of age groups, which is why we are also sharing Cardiff’s University’s Guide To Fertility.**

 Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd November #TheFertilityShow

 Fertility Week culminates in The Fertility Show at Olympia, London – the biggest and best-attended fertility show in the world. Fertility Network is proud to be a partner of the show. Join us there https://www.fertilityshow.co.uk/london

Saturday 2nd November – #WorldFertilityDay

 Hosted by IVF Babble World Fertility Day is a day to share your stories, be empowered with knowledge and learn from leading global experts. Click here to find out more.

Article: 17th October 2019 www.fertilitynetworkuk.org


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