Co-parenting across the globe

Co-parenting across the globe

Co-parenting, sometimes referred to as platonic parenting or parenting partnerships, is a growing phenomenon where individuals start their family outside of romantic relationships. However, until now there has been no research looking at family relationships and child wellbeing in these families. This study therefore aims to increase understanding of parents and children in this new family form, provide co-parenting families with a chance to learn about other families in similar situations and inform policy and practice.

My name is Dr Sarah Foley and I’m a psychologist at the Centre for Family Research and for the past year I have been meeting co-parenting families to learn more about their experiences of parenthood, parent-child relationships and children’s wellbeing. During interviews parents have told me about their journey to become co-parents, with some reflecting on similarities and differences with heteronormative families. Whilst some children in these families have told me that their families are “regular… but no divorce can happen!”

Through the power of zoom and skype, I hope to add to these voices so if you’d like to hear more or are interested in sharing your experiences with me then please complete the webform or email me:

I am a member of the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, which has an international reputation for its innovative research into ‘new family forms’. The study is being led by Prof Susan Golombok who has conducted some of the earliest studies of same-sex parent families and families who have used assisted reproductive technologies.

Who can take part?

- Co-parents with a child aged under 12 years.

- Taking part in the study involves being interviewed, filling in questionnaires and, if possible, a parent-child play activity.

- Participation is confidential and does not require all co-parents within a family to take part. Children are also invited to take part if they wish to.

- As a thank you, families will receive a gift voucher.

- The study protocol has been reviewed by the University of Cambridge Research Ethics Committee.

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