Experiences of Egg and Sperm donors

Experiences of Egg and Sperm donors
Cal Volks is doing her PhD at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia,supervised by Prof. Fiona Kelly, Dean of Law and Dr. Hannah Robert from La Trobe University. This is part of a larger research project, Families of Strangers, with principle researchers Prof. Deb Dempsey from Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia and Prof. Kelly at La Trobe. The research investigates the socio-legal implications of donor linking https://familiesofstrangers.com/
Cal is recruiting research participants to be involved in a study about the experiences of sperm and egg donors who have donated gametes to Australian recipient parents and who have had “early contact” with the donor conceived child/children (where the child is under the age of 18) and/or with the child’s parent(s).
The contact may be facilitated through correspondence or may be direct audio/ visual contact or in-person contact.
Donors can have been recruited through personal contacts, through a clinic or online.
Participation involves an interview of approximately 60 minutes, which will be conducted by phone or zoom. The research has obtained ethical approval from The University of La Trobe Human Ethics committee. The way in which the research is written up will ensure the participants remain anonymous. If you are a donor (or you know a donor who you think may be willing to participate that you can forward this to) who has had early contact with the Australian donor conceived child or children or with the recipient parent(s) and you are willing to participate please contact Cal Volks via C.Volks@latrobe.edu.au.
Posted: 07/06/2020 07:35:59


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