Pride Angel recommendations during COVID-19

Pride Angel recommendations during COVID-19

Pride Angel recommendations during these uncertain time


Due to these uncertain times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have advised all our members to suspend direct contact with potential sperm donors, egg donors or co-parents, to include not receiving any donations. This is due not only to the risk of transmission of the virus but also because of the unknown risks to pregnant mothers and their babies.  

Although this is disappointing for many, we would like to give the following recommendations to enable our members to continue using Pride Angel safely to find their ideal match and to take all the necessary steps prior to trying for a baby when the quarantine is lifted in due course.

1) Take time to communicate with your potential matches via Pride Angel's messaging system

2) Use skype, zoom or other platforms to chat

3) Create a private Youtube clip to add to your Pride Angel profile

4) Write a letter of intention about how you see your donors/co-parents role and express views on religion, education, health etc

5) Consider counselling with an online counsellor to ensure that any potential feeling and concerns are expressed openly both within your relationship and with your potential match

5) Seek legal advice online regarding drawing up a sperm donor or co-parenting agreement

6) Use the time to improve your health and fertility, for example regular exercise, healthy home cooked meals, meditation and taking vitamin supplements

7) Take the opportunity to read books about fertility and parenting



Posted: 02/05/2020 09:13:34


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