UK fertility watchdog could recommend scrapping donor anonymity law

UK fertility watchdog could recommend scrapping donor anonymity law

The fertility watchdog is considering whether to recommend scrapping anonymity for future sperm and egg donors as part of an expected overhaul of UK fertility laws.

Peter Thompson, the chief executive of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), said the rapid rise of consumer genetic testing websites such as 23andMe could soon make it impossible to guarantee donor anonymity – and that the law needs to be brought into line with this new reality.

Under rules in place since 2005, people conceived using donated eggs, sperm or embryos can access identifying information about the donor when they reach the age of 18, but donors can choose to remain anonymous until then.

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We at Pride Angel have always thought it would be better to know from the outset about your donor and lets not forget recipient for the donors. The ability to choose and meet a donor/recipient in person is very much a real and viable option that more and more are considering. Therefore, hearing that there will be consideration by the HFEA to look at its codes and conducts can only be positive ....... Erika Tranfield Director and Founder Pride Angel

Posted: 26/05/2022 14:15:00


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