Known Unknowns: the Pros, Cons and Consequences of Known Donation #PETknowndonor

Fertility and genetics charity the Progress Educational Trust (PET) highlights, its free-to-attend #PETknowndonor event, the pros, cons and consequences of known donation – an alternative route to parenthood which is becoming more easily available and accessible as a result of social media and online donor matching platforms.

The #PETknowndonor debate will hear from Dr Petra Nordqvist, researcher and senior lecturer at the University of Manchester’s Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives; Nina Barnsley, director of the Donor Conception Network; Natalie Gamble, fertility lawyer at NGA Law; Natasha Fox, a donor-conceived adult who has always known about her assisted conception (from an unknown donor) and Erika Tranfield, founder and director of Pride Angel, an online website connecting gamete donors and prospective parents.