Choosing a Fertility App to help you get pregnant quicker


Choosing a Fertility App to help you get pregnant quicker

There are several Fertility apps available to help you chart your basal body temperature (BBT), track cervical mucus, monitor hormonal fluctuations, help identify your fertile window and pinpoint the day of ovulation.

Some of the Best Fertility Charting Apps Available:

In no particular order, here are the 6 Fertility Charting apps that top many lists…

Women Calendar – cost $9.99 – is an iPhone app described as a “powerful Fertility Awareness tool” in its description on iTunes. Women Calendar offers a variety of different ways to view the information you input – a Calendar View, Cycles View, BBT Chart View, Forecast View, Charts View, Lists View, and Preferences View. With Women Calendar, you can use any web browser to backup/restore data on your computer too.

Kindara – cost FREE – Bloomberg TV calls this app “The Future of Reproductive Health.” Kindara offers morning temperature alarms and custom reminders, allows you to chart your BBT in Fahrenheit and Celsius, offers a community you can join for support from other Kindara users, has a custom data feature to track OPK and Pregnancy test results, or whatever data you would like remembered, and allows you to invite your healthcare practitioner to view your charts online.

Fertility Friend – cost FREE – is said to be “an advanced and comprehensive monitor of your menstrual cycle for trying to conceive or health purposes.” The Fertility Friend app offers educational resources because its primary goal is to help women feel educated and empowered (videos, tutorials, quizzes and an eBook) and is fully integrated with (no sync or upload required). There is also an optional alarm, ability to view cycle statistics and advanced data analysis tools. This app integrates with Pregnancy tracker so that once pregnant, you can follow your pregnancy.

MyFertilityMD – cost $9.99 (for a limited time) – is described as “ the new and most innovative women’s health app” created after 10 years of medical research and touted “as effective as chemical contraception” on MyFertilityMD is unique in that it allows for charting of saliva ferning, urinary estrogen and luteinizing hormone. There are video tutorials, a knowledge center and an Ask The Doctor feature with this app, and it will be available in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

LilyPro – cost $5.99 – is referred to as beautiful and easy. LilyPro’s additional features are the ability to track 12 upcoming cycles, keep a diary, note medications being taken, create a custom menu and track shifts in emotions or moods. It offers a light and dark screen because the makers understand how hard it can be to look at a bright white screen first thing in the morning. LilyPro also shows you detailed important values and averages of all your cycles and claims to offer prompt support.

Ovia Fertility – cost Free – Developed by Harvard researchers and fertility experts, Ovia Fertility claims to be fun, easy and the #1 most accurate fertility app. This app offers expert advice. It offers the ability to ask fertility health questions and receive personalized coaching and feedback on your tracking. It also allows for tracking of exercise, weight, nutrition, sleep, medications and blood pressure, and syncs with a few fitness tracking devices.