Cryos have donor sperm for both treatment at a clinic and for home insemination


Cryos have donor sperm for both treatment at a clinic and for home insemination

Despite of the growing demand for donor sperm from every corner of the world, the world’s largest sperm bank maintain the leading position and continue to grow the donor database with qualified sperm donors.

This means, that Cryos offers a large range of donor sperm that meets your type of treatment whether it is for home insemination or treatment at a clinic, and we supply donor sperm to both single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples.

We operate with a wide range of standards including UK, so if you are getting your fertility treatment at a clinic you must choose a donor with a UK standard being non-anonymous donors.

If you are not getting treatment at a clinic but want to undertake home insemination, you do not have to take the standard into consideration, but you can choose among all of our donors. If you decide to order to do home insemination, you will receive detailed instructions including information on how to handle the straw.

Cryos is customer focused, so to help you through the decision making process and getting answers to your questions, Cryos has created a Resource Centre accessible from our website. You will find films about e.g. choosing the donor, all delivery information and a comprehensive Questions & Answers-section. Additionally, a professional customer service team is ready to answer your questions via e-mail or phone. Also, Cryos does not charge any fee for pregnancy slots, so don’t worry about that cost.