Documentary for Channel 4 on Co-parenting - Can you help?


Documentary for Channel 4 on Co-parenting - Can you help?

My name is Jasleen and I’m researching a documentary for Channel 4 on co-parenting.

Are you considering having a child with someone you aren’t in a relationship with? Or do you have a child with someone who you have never been in a romantic relationship with, where you both share the parenting, or perhaps you know someone who is going through this process?

I’m working with Minnow Films, researching a sensitive and thoughtful documentary about platonic co-parenting and the changing shape of contemporary families and would love to hear from people at all stages of co-parenting about their experiences.

I really want this to be a film that helps raise understanding of co-parenting as just one of the options that people have to start the families they want. I would be very grateful for the chance to speak to you in confidence in order to inform our research and ensure we make the best programme possible on the subject. Speaking to me in no way obliges you to take part in any filming.

Just to give you a bit more info about us, Minnow Films is Bafta award-winning production company and we make lots of programmes about sensitive subjects. There are some examples of our work on our website here:

If you are interested in sharing your experiences, being involved, or would just like to have an informal chat to find out more, please contact me at:

Jasleen at E: M: 07984 195 606

Thank You! Jasleen Kaur Sethi Director