Embryo adoption in the US: Any lessons for the UK?


Embryo adoption in the US: Any lessons for the UK?

Once a couple or individual has finished their fertility treatment, the question of what to do with any remaining frozen embryos is often perceived as a difficult decision. There are, broadly, four options to choose from: keep the embryos in storage; allow them to be destroyed; make them available for research; or donate them to others to use for family-building

Recently the authors conducted a study of embryo donors and recipients of donated embryos who had pursued the fourth option through an American embryo adoption agency, Snowflakes. They were interested in exploring what kind of contact they had established with each other both during and after the donation process (Blyth et al, in press; Frith et al, 2017).

Shoud we be more encouraging of connection services such as Pride Angel, allowing for the connection of recipients and donors of embryos?

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