The Fertility Show - London 7th-8th Nov 2015


The Fertility Show - London 7th-8th Nov 2015

Visit The Fertility Show in Olympia, London this weekend

  • Thinking of having a baby?
  • Finding it difficult to get pregnant?
  • Want to know how fertile you are?
  • Considering IVF?
  • Looking for some answers?
  • Can't get treatment on the NHS?

100 exhibitors with doctors, clinicians, practitioners and fertility experts available on their stands

  • 60 talks from from some of the world's leading fertility specialists - just £ 1 each!
  • Medical and complementary alternatives
  • Leading UK and overseas clinics
  • Fertility assessments and treatments
  • Advice for everyone including single women and same sex couples
  • Now in its 7th year - Admission price: £11

Pride Angel, the leading connection website for people wishing to find known sperm donors, egg donors or co-parents are exhibiting and holding a seminar. Come and speak to us about your fertility options whether you are gay, single or an infertile couple?


Sunday 10.45-11.30 - Single women and lesbian couples - options for conceiving. 

What are the routes open to women who want to conceive without having sex with a man? Dr Raúl Olivares, Medical Director of Barcelona IVF, a Spanish clinic that treats a number of single women and lesbian couples from the UK, explains the practical issues around getting pregnant with donor sperm - known vs unknown donors, IUI, IVF and increasingly, reciprocal IVF, where one partner in a female couple contributes her eggs for the other to carry.

Sunday 11.45-12.30 - Unknown donor vs Known donor vs Co-parenting 

Single women and lesbian couples looking to start a family face big issues from the outset when it comes to choosing a donor. Anonymity may seem like the simplest route but knowing more about a donor has its advantages, not least for those who want their child to have a relationship with its father. Campaigning fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble of Natalie Gamble Associates looks at the practical and legal issues behind these decisions as well as the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved, whilst Erika Tranfield of Pride Angel, a website that facilitates and encourages conversations between donors and potential parents, offers an insight into the thinking and motivation of the people who connect via her site.