Fertilette Pregnancy Aid

Product Reference Number: FPA

Semen can sustain its reproductive viability for several days after ejaculation if it's able to reach the cervix. However, if it remains in the vaginal canal it will die after only a few hours due to acidic vaginal secretions.

The ​aim of Fertilette ​is to increase the chances of conceiving by blocking the vaginal passage, preventing sperm from seeping away before it has a chance to reach the egg.

With its ​unique fun looking design​, Fertilette takes the stigma, stress, and pressure out of trying to conceive and puts the fun and intimacy back into love making.

Fertilette is made from medical grade silicone reducing the chances of toxic shock and other medical conditions caused by unknown materials entering the body.

The simple to use and flexible design allows Fertilette to be folded before being inserted into the vagina, in a simular way to a tampon. Once inside the vaginal canal, it will expand to comfortably fill the area to suit your shape and size.

Disclaimer: It is the individuals responsibility to ensure that the product is sterilised prior to each use. Fertilette as a company is not responsible or liable for any infections or medical complications  that may occur due to incorrect sterilisation