New Deluxe Plus Insemination Kit

Product Reference Number: DPIK

Includes everything needed to achieve successful conception.

  • Clearblue digital ovulation tests 7 tests 
  • 2 x Clearblue digital pregnancy tests
  • 2 x One-step pregnancy tests
  • 3 x BabyStart FertilSafe PLUS- Fertility Friendly lubricant
  • 2 x FSH female fertility tests  
  • 6 x One-step Ovulation tests
  • 6 x 10ml syringes
  • 6 x Semen sample containers
  • 3 x Urine collection containers
  • 3 x Disposable vaginal speculums
  • 6 x Syringe extenders
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Fertilette Pregnancy aid
  • Folic acid vitamins (90 tablets)
  • Insemination instructions
  • Top tips for successful conception

Our Deluxe Plus Insemination kit gives you the best possible chance of successful conception. The Clearblue digital ovulation tests enable easier detection of your most fertile days. We include speculums and extender tips for ensuring the sperm have less distance to travel to reach the cervix, along with Instead softcups, used to keep semen close to the cervix following insemination. Also included is the new fertility lubricant conceive plus formulated for couples trying to conceive. BabyStart vaginal lubrication is 'sperm friendly' and proven to encourage sperm motility. Finally we have recently added Fertiliette for which - The ‚Äčaim of Fertilette ‚Äčis to increase the chances of conceiving by blocking the vaginal passage, preventing sperm from seeping away before it has a chance to reach the egg

See our artificial insemination section for further information and frequently asked questions.

Please note: Our kit components are subject to change and may vary from the image displayed.