My Lotus Starter Pack 20

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myLotus – Unique fertility tracking at home.

What is myLotus?

myLotus is a new home fertility monitoring and pregnancy testing device. It measures your Luteinising Hormone (LH) level from a simple urine sample and provides a personal profile of your fertile days. You can find out what is happening in your body with your fertility hormones, how they change during your monthly cycle and when you are most fertile.

myLotus consists of a monitor, ovulation and pregnancy tests together with a free downloadable app. The myLotus Starter Pack includes 1 Fertility Monitor, 1 x 20 Ovulation Tests (LH) and 1 x 3 Pregnancy Tests (hCG). The Starter Pack contains sufficient test sticks to cover 3 cycles. Whilst some women may become pregnant in their first cycle, the majority will need more cycles to conceive.

Why do we like myLotus?

· myLotus Fertility Monitor is a small hand-held dual purpose monitor that allows testing for ovulation (LH test) and pregnancy (hCG test).

· myLotus Fertility Monitor detects when you are about to ovulate by displaying a “+” sign. It does so when it sees a “surge” in Luteinising Hormone (LH). myLotus also provides a measure of how much of your Luteinising Hormone is in your urine. LH is present in your body at a certain base level, measured in milli-international units per millilitre (mIU/mL). Just before ovulation there is a rise of LH, called the “LH surge”. The Luteinising Hormone is the most reliable marker for impending ovulation.

· The myLotus Fertility Monitor measures your LH concentration level from a simple urine sample and provides a personal profile of your fertile days. No interpretation of lines or symbols. If you have difficulty conceiving it will be useful for your doctor to know whether your LH base level is low, high or normal.

· myLotus allows you to graphically track and view your monthly LH profile in the app. Even if your LH base level is above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a measured (quantitative) result which differs from traditional (qualitative) tests, allowing you to identify your LH surge.

· You can continue to test for the whole menstrual cycle to build a complete picture of your LH profile and compare against your earlier and historic cycles. myLotus will ask you for a maximum of 20 LH tests in each cycle, which might be useful if you have very irregular cycles and great variations in cycle length.

· myLotus allows multiple tests per day due to an automatic recognition of the test inserted. You may want to take more than one LH test per day, for example in the morning and in the afternoon, to ensure you detect your most fertile period.

Any drawbacks?

· You need to look at your Monitor every day as you will be prompted for information and asked to run tests on certain days, but you can set a reminder when to test in your phone calendar through the app.

· You cannot use myLotus if you are on hormonal contraception, fertility treatments (fertility drugs containing Luteinising Hormone or human Chorionic Gonadotropin) or hormone replacement therapy.

· If you are taking clomiphene citrate (Clomid) you should wait for 3 days after stopping the medication before testing LH levels. Consult your doctor before making any medical decisions based on the test results.

Who should use myLotus

· Women trying to conceive and who cannot identify their fertile days with traditional ovulation tests.

· Women with irregular cycles and periods.

· Women with PCOS – who may have elevated LH levels. myLotus measures your personal level of LH, you can now see what your base level is from the beginning of testing, even if it is above the normal range. By measuring your LH levels during your complete cycle you can for the first time see a surge from your initial level regardless of whether this is high, normal or very low.

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How to use the myLotus Monitor

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