OvuSense Fertility and Ovulation Monitor - 12 Month Subscription

Product Reference Number: OUV

What is OvuSense™?

OvuSense is a fertility monitor, a Class 2 Medical Device, consisting of an App and medical grade vaginal Sensor that measures your core body temperature, every 5 minutes overnight, to identify when you are fertile helping you to time when to inseminate.


  • How OvuSense can help you time insemination:
    Predicts your ovulation a day in advance so you can time insemination
  • OvuSense will then confirm when you ovulated with 99% clinically proven accuracy
  • Identifies your 8-day fertile window in advance so you can time your donor
  • OvuSense works from day one.  There’s no waiting and ‘learning’ your cycle patterns.
  • OvuSense works with everyone even if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or irregular cycles (or no cycles!)


What’s included with your OvuSense:

  • 12 months unrestricted use of the OvuSense App and vaginal Sensor (replacement required after 12 months)
  • 1-hour FREE consultation worth £150 with an independent Fertility Nurse Consultant
  • 24 hour/7 days a week product support from the OvuSense technical team
  • Exclusive membership to the OvuSense users closed Facebook support group with access to live clinics with fertility specialists