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or eggs and help single, lesbian and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Gay, lesbian, single looking to co-parent? We are dedicated to connecting sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents worldwide. Our unique website allows you to create your own profile, search members and communicate safely using our on-site mail. Find your parenting match with pride!

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Home Insemination Kits

We have a great range of fertility products in our shop including artificial insemination kits for use at home. Our best selling Deluxe Insemination Kit, with non-latex syringes, extender tips and sperm friendly lubricant gives you the best possible chance of conceiving without the need for IVF.


Donor Screening

Health screening and sexual transmitted disease testing (STD). Which tests should a sperm donor or co-parent get before deciding to donate sperm? What type of HIV test should be performed? Does my sperm donor need genetic tests? How to protect yourself and your baby?


Getting Pregnant

Test your fertility and get tips for getting pregnant using a sperm donor. Boost fertility, get Zeta West's advice on nutrition and vitamins. Check when is the best time to get pregnant using donated sperm by using ovulation tests. Test your sperm donor's fertility using our fertilcount male fertility test.


Parenting Options

Lesbian and gay parenting options: adoption, fostering and donor conception. Advantages of using a known sperm donor for the child. Choosing to co-parent with gay couples or straight single men. Is anonymous sperm donation right for me. How does the new anonymity law affect donors?


Why Donate Sperm

There is a huge shortage of sperm donors and egg donors in the UK.
One in six couples seek medical help for fertility problems.
More single women are choosing to have a baby alone through donated sperm.
Lesbian couples often can't get fertility treatment on the NHS for IVF.
Many single, lesbian and infertile couples desperately need your help by donating sperm, through personal arrangement.


How to Donate Sperm

Choose to donate sperm through private arrangement, at a local fertility clinic of your choice, or if co-parenting using an artificial insemination kit.
Alternatively donate sperm anonymously at a local sperm bank or fertility clinic. However many women wish to personally meet their sperm donor, and this enables sperm donors to choose the right person or couple they would like to help and donate sperm to.


Where to Donate Sperm

Donate sperm through personal arrangement to women through a local fertility clinic of your choice. If co-parenting donate sperm by home insemination within the comfort of your own home. Find your ideal recipient or co-parent using our connection service.
Alternatively donate sperm anonymously at your local sperm bank or fertility clinic. New anonymity laws however mean that your details must be kept on record.


Who to Donate Sperm to

Single women, lesbian and infertile couples all need donated sperm.
Many single women or lesbian couples wish to meet the sperm donor and some wish for the sperm donor to be known to the child, without any parental or financial responsibility. The law on parental responsibility varies depending on whom you donate sperm to.
Gay and wish to donate sperm or co-parent with a lesbian couple?