Donating Sperm

Sperm donation

Where do I donate sperm?
Pride Angel has many single and lesbian couples wishing to meet someone special who is willing to donate sperm through personal arrangement. If you are purely wishing to donate sperm with no involvement with the child we recommend that after finding the right person or couple you wish to donate to, that you use a fertility clinic for the treatment. If however you want to be known to the child and even enter into a co-parenting arrangement, then some members prefer to use home insemination following completion of all necessary health screening and infection tests.

Where do I find a fertility clinic?
To help you find a sperm donation clinic within your area, please click onto the following website: HFEA, for a list of all licensed fertility clinics in the UK

The ‘clinic’ section allows you to easily search to locate a clinic within your local area.

What is my legal position if I donate sperm through a fertility clinic?
For legal information on sperm donation and donating through a clinic see our fertility law pages

Why should I become a known sperm donor?
Using a connection service like Pride Angel allows you to donate to a woman or couple whom you choose to. This has many advantages, it allows you to search profiles and pick the right person to help. It also enables you to stay in touch with the child if you so choose. Some donors do not want contact but are happy for the child to contact them when they are older. Other donors wish to be partly involved and act as an 'uncle figure' contacting the child on special occasions.

What is my legal position as a known sperm donor?
For legal information on known sperm donation

What determines my suitability to become a sperm donor?
We want genuine donors who are willing to donate without payment. Donors should be a minimum of 18 years and preferably under 50 years. Sperm donors should have no serious health problems or a family history of genetic disorders. Members wishing to donate sperm should also be committed to health screening tests to include sexually transmitted infections and genetic screens where applicable.

Do sperm donor's pay to become a Pride Angel member ? 
Membership is free and for a limited time only, we are giving 5 free message credits to all new sperm donor members, who complete a full profile.
( Please contact us with your username and email address, using the Contact Us link , and we will credit your account with the message credits )

Will I be financial responsible if I donate to a lesbian couple?
The law has recently changed, so that by donating to a lesbian couple (civil partnered) you will have no parental or financial responsibility. This gives sperm donors the reassurance that if they choose to help lesbian couples, that they will not be pursued for child support in any way. Please read more within our fertility law section.

What is my commitment once I decide to donate?
As a Pride Angel Donor there is no ongoing commitment. You can take your time in choosing the right person or couple to donate to. When you do find the right recipient we ask that you do undertake health screening and infection testing at your local GP or fertility clinic. This normally involves a simple blood test. It may take several months of donating and inseminations to achieve pregnancy; therefore we ask that donors are prepared to continue with donations for a reasonable length of time.