Pride Angel

What is Pride Angel?
Pride Angel is a brand new worldwide connection service for single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples. We are dedicated to matching sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents .

Who are Pride Angel?
Pride Angel is a UK limited company founded by professional scientists, with personal experience of donor conception and raising children within a lesbian relationship. We are committed to helping single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples become parents through donor conception and co-parenting. Pride Angel is dedicated to matching sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents worldwide.

What makes Pride Angel different?
Pride angel is different to all other connection services. It is a professional, user friendly site, being the only worldwide website to offer donors and recipients the ability to complete an online health questionnaire. We also provide quality health screening advice for donors and recipients, fertility and pregnancy tests along with artificial insemination kits. Our unique message contact system allows users to contact donors or recipients through a safe internal mail system.

Why use a connection service rather than a sperm bank?
Many individuals do not wish to use donor sperm from a sperm bank for many reasons, the main being that they wish to know more information about the donor, other than the colour of their eyes or hair. There are many other characteristics which are so important in choosing the ideal donor, such as their personality and their general health.
The other reason many people are considering using known donors or co-parents through connection sites is because they want their child to know the identity of both parents. Some women would prefer their children to know of their father’s identity and even be involved in their lives. Research has proved that children tend to be more content knowing the truth about their biological parents from an early age.

Why use a known donor?
Many donor conceived children from sperm banks are now reaching age 18 and desperately wanting to know their biological fathers identity. Sometimes donor conceived children develop health problems related to their father’s genetic makeup, for example they pass down the genes which may make them more susceptible to certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer. Knowing this information can help with diagnosis and even preventative treatment. Therefore knowing the identity of a donor has many benefits for the child, through to when they become adults.

Does Pride Angel personally find the donors or co-parents?
No, we do not personally find donors for you. Instead you are able to search through profiles to find your perfect match. As the site is brand new we recommend members add their profile as a donor, co-parent or recipient, describing the kind of person or couple you would like to meet.

Does Pride Angel arrange fertility treatment?
No, Pride Angel is not a fertility clinic; it is purely a connection service. Once you have found your parenting match, you personally arrange the insemination using a HFEA regulated fertility clinic. If you are co-parenting you may choose to use home insemination using an artificial insemination kit after arranging all necessary health screening tests.