Add your Family

Add your Family and start connecting with other families in your local area or from around the world. By joining Pride Angel Families it gives you the fantastic opportunity of connecting with other like-minded families.

You may be single, gay, lesbian or straight and have conceived by using a donor or co-parent to join Pride Angel Families. Many families are created through Pride Angel, although you do not need to have created your family through Pride Angel to join.

Join Pride Angel Families to:

  • Create a family profile only visible by other families
  • Ask other families advice about how they created their family
  • Offer support to other individuals or families in a similar situation
  • Communicate with other families through our message system
  • Arrange meet ups and social get togethers
  • Help your donor-conceived children feel that they are not alone
  • Use our Pride Angel Forum

Pride Angel Families Forum

The forum is intended for use by Pride Angel Families, to enable you to communicate in a safe environment with like-minded people. It is an ideal way for families to connect, share experiences and promote support networks and social events.

NOTE: Pride Angel Families is not to be used by sperm donors advertising themselves or recipients who are looking for donors. Any donors or recipients using this forum for this purpose will be suspended.

Join Pride Angel Families

There is a small one off fee of £5.99 for joining Pride Angel Families, which is for lifetime membership. This small fee ensures that: The forum is not used by the general public or spammers. The forum is not used by sperm donors. The fee is used for admin to help with moderation of the forum.

PLEASE NOTE: The Familes forum and directory is not for finding Sperm donors, Egg donors or Co-parents. Please register on the main website for this access or click here