Sperm Donor Abuse

Fortunately the vast majority of our sperm donors are genuine people wanting to help others for altruistic reasons. Occasionally however sperm donors may register with Pride Angel who are not genuine and may offer NI (Sex) as a method of conception or may be abusive in other ways. It is therefore important to make our members aware of the possible types of abuse and how to protect yourself and maintain your safety.

What are the types of abuse I need to look out for?

  • Verbal abuse:
  • Verbal abuse may be any insulting language used either  via message or face to face
  • Emotional abuse:
  • Using emotional blackmail, for example making you feel guilty for taking up their time
  • Coercive or controlling behaviour:
  • For example feeling threatened or intimidated to go ahead with receiving a donation if you change your mind
  • Physical abuse
  • Physically hurting you or threatening to use violence towards you.
  • Sexual abuse/Rape
  • Pressurising you into NI (sex) as the best method to conceive
  • Financial abuse
  • Requesting money from you for donations other than reasonable expenses


What to look out for when choosing a sperm donor?

When choosing a donor be aware of donors who:

  • Harass/Over contact you
  • Offer to donate without asking questions or building a friendship
  • Offer NI as a preferred method of conception
  • Request payment for donations (other than expenses)
  • Promote their assets for example high sperm count, high IQ etc
  • A donor who asks to immediately come to your home or for you to visit his home


How to prevent sperm donor abuse?

To prevent sperm donor abuse we recommend the following:

  • Always build up conversation via our internal message system first (do not give out personal email addresses or phone numbers)
  • Ask questions about previous donations and why they are choosing to donate.
  • Ask to see photo ID and health screening tests
  • Arrange to meet up in a public place and always take your partner along or friend for support.
  • Always report a sperm donor via the 'Report abuse' system if you have any concerns


What to do if you have suffered any sperm donor abuse?

As part of our Terms and Conditions Pride Angel will NOT tolerate any abuse from Sperm Donors towards our members.

If you have received any verbal abuse, been offered sex or been asked for money, please use our 'Report Abuse' system to inform us so that we can suspend the donor pending further investigation.

If you have received any physical or sexually abuse please inform the Police straight away and also contact us in order for us to suspend the donor's account with Pride Angel.


Sperm donor abuse support service.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have experienced any sperm donor abuse and are in need of support then please contact the following support service for help and advice: