Known Donor Registry

Known Donor Registry

Known Donor Registry was started by Beth Gardner in January 2010. Originally named Free Sperm Donor Registry, KDR was a response to her experience as she and her wife began the process of becoming parents with a known donor. KDR strives to meet the social and educational needs of the community of women, families and donors who seek to exercise their freedom of choice in how, and with whom, they decide to create their families.

The goal of KDR was to create an open, active community resource for people who have or want to have children through private sperm, egg and embryo donation and promote healthy and safe practices while doing so.

The Known Donor Registry is open to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

KDR and the Future

KDR have done an absolutely fantastic and amazing job helping so many people achieve their goal of being parents. However due to family life being busier and busier running of KDR is becoming more difficult to be able to dedicate the time and efforts that Beth and Mark would love to be able to provide. For this reason KDR will be looking to start to limit registrations and are recommending to join Pride Angel with whom we have had a very good connection with over the year.

KDR and Pride Angel

KDR and Pride Angel have shared core values for a long time and although the time has come for Beth and Mark to be able to focus on different areas in their lives, the name of KDR will be recognised on Pride Angel for all their time dedication and sucess stories of so many people around the world.

Members of  KDR free transfer to Pride Angel.

All members of KDR will receive a message to let them know how to join Pride Angel and in doing so receive 100 Free Message Credits. If you are a member of KDR and have not recevied this message please contact KDR at the soonest convenience in order to not miss this offer.