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Co-parenting is the ability for parents to work together successfully in the bringing up of their children. Traditionally co-parenting has been due to parents separating or divorcing, but more recently it is becoming a parenting option for many single, gay and lesbian couples, who wish to raise a child together sharing parental and financial responsibility.

For single men and women

Are you a single man or woman who has not yet found the right person to have a child with? You may feel that now is the right stage of your life to bring a baby into the world. Are you a woman who would like to have the father involved in your child's life. You may be a man who would like to be known as the child's father and have more involvement in their upbringing. Some men may wish to be known as 'daddy' giving both parental and financial support depending on individual circumstances.

For lesbian and gay couples

If you are in a lesbian or gay relationship, co-parenting is becoming an increasingly popular option. It involves making an agreement for both couples to be involved in the child's upbringing. The level of parental responsibility would depend on various factors including whether the lesbian couple are in a civil partnership and the amount of contact each couple wish to have with the child. All issues of contact and responsibility must be clearly communicated prior to any insemination taking place. It is strongly recommended that legal advice is sought and a donor or co-parenting agreement is in place to reduce any potential problems with co-parenting situations.