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Become a sperm donor and help single and lesbian women create the family they are longing for.

We are looking for genuine men, gay, straight, single or married who are willing to help single women, lesbian couples and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents.

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Membership is free, and free message credits are available to sperm donors who complete a full profile.

Become a sperm donor

The gift of giving someone the chance to bring a new life into this world is the best gift anyone could receive.

Pride Angel is a connection service which allows members to communicate and meet, in order to personally organise private donor insemination. We recommend members use HFEA regulated fertility clinics, to ensure the correct health screening and treatment is received, although if you choose to donate outside of a clinic it's important to get health screening tests and legal advice prior to home insemination.

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This service is for you if you are: 

Gay, straight, single or in a couple

Lesbian, gay, single or infertile couples often only have the option of becoming parents through receiving donated sperm. Thousands of children worldwide are born in this way every year.

In addition male infertility is quite common and many couples turn to sperm donation as a solution to their fertility problems, therefore there is always a high demand for genuine sperm donors.

What determines my suitablity to become a sperm donor? 

Donors should be a minimum of 18 years and perferably under the age of 50 years. Sperm donors should have no serious health problems or a family history of genetic disorders. Members who wish to donate sperm should also be committed to health screening tests to include sexually transmitted infection testing and genetic screens where applicable.

Things you should know about being a sperm donor

By donating to a lesbian couple (civil partnered) or in infertile heterosexual married couple, you will have no parental or financial responsibility. This is conditional on using a HFEA fertility clinic or there being a legal donor agreement in place.

This gives sperm donors the reassurance that if they choose to help lesbian or infertile couples, that they will not be pursued for child support in any way.

if you donate to a single woman or lesbian couple (non civil partnered) outside off a fertility clinic, it would mean that you would be the child's father in the eyes of the law, unless legal advice had been sort.

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