Health Questionnaire

After becoming a member and creating your own personal profile, you have the option of completing our online health questionnaire.

This questionnaire has been specially created for our donors, co-parents and recipients.

It contains basic questions about your overall fitness, health and lifestyle, and is quick and simple to complete.

By completing this questionnaire you are showing other users that you are committed to health screening. This gives confidence to other members, and answers to questions they may have. Please try and be honest with your answers, as other members do not expect to see a perfect report with outstanding fitness results.

About the questionnaire

The questionnaire only takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and asks basic questions about your health and lifestyle.

Sample questions:

  • How often do you exercise per week?
  • How do you describe your diet?
  • Have you ever had any major illnesses or surgery?
  • Do you know of any genetic disease which runs in your family?

Once you have completed the health questionnaire it will be linked to your profile. It is totally up to you how you wish to share these results. You can:

  • Make the health questionnaire 'public' and viewable to all members.
  • Make the health questionnaire 'private' and share the details only when you have found your prospective donor, co-parent or recipient.
  • Change how the health questionnaire is viewed within your 'edit profile' section.

This health questionnaire is purely an aid for communication between members and does not in anyway replace the need for medical advice from your GP or health screening tests from regulated HFEA fertility clinics.

Login and go to your profile to complete the questionnaire