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Welcome to Pride Angel! We are looking for genuine donors willing to donate sperm or eggs to help single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Are you are a lesbian couple and looking for a known donor or maybe you are single and looking to co-parent? We are a leading website dedicated to connecting sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents online. Our website allows you to create your own profile, search thousands of members and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

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Sperm Donors


Donate sperm and help single, lesbian and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. We are looking for gay or heterosexual genuine donors worldwide. Our unique website allows you to create your own profile for free, search members and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

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Egg Donors


Donate eggs and help gay and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Giving the gift of life is such a wonderful gift. Our unique website allows you to create your own profile for free, search members and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

Find your ideal person or couple to donate to

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Co Parents


Co-parent with other single, lesbian, gay or heterosexual individuals. Achieve your dream of becoming a parent. Pride Angel is dedicated to connecting people from around the world who are wishing to find their co-parenting match. Our unique website allows you to create your own profile, search members and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

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Are you single, a lesbian or gay couple or infertile and looking for a sperm or egg donor to help you achieve their dream of becoming parents?  We are dedicated to connecting sperm donors, egg donors and co-parents worldwide. Our unique website allows you to create your own profile, search members and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

Find your ideal sperm or egg donor today

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Are you a gay or lesbian family? or maybe you are single and co-parenting? Would you like to connect with other alternative families in your area?  Our unique website allows you to create your own profile, search other families and communicate safely using our on-site mail.

Find other Families with Pride

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Are you an expert in your chosen area? Can you offer support regarding fertility, legal support, holistic health, counselling or any other related area? If so you have found the right website. Pride Angel has tens of thousands of members who are on their journey towards becoming parents. Create your own personal profile and start connecting today.

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Clinics & Services


Are you a Fertility Clinic or fertility service offering legal support, holistic health, counselling etc? If so you have found the right website. Pride Angel has tens of thousands of members worldwide on their journey towards becoming parents, looking to find fertility services like yours. Add your fertility service to our directory today.

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Are you wishing to try for a baby? if so it's important to check out your fertility. We have many fertility tests available for men and women to enable you to test your fertility in the comfort of your own home. It's important to ensure that your body is ready physically and emotionally to have a baby.

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Are you wishing to get pregnant? We have lots of information to help you improve your chances of getting pregnant, including fertility vitamins and fertility therapies which may assist you not only before getting pregnant but also help you to have a healthy pregnancy.

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Health Screening

It is important to undertake health screening before trying to conceive a baby. Health screening may involve general health checks with your doctor, fertility MOT, sexual health screens along with genetic testing. Find out more about what health screening tests your donor or co-parent needs to complete.

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Fertility Law

If you are thinking about conceiving a child through assisted reproduction, it is important to consider the legal issues. Bear in mind that the law is complex (and not always logical) and was not designed to meet modern demands for donor conception, co-parenting and surrogacy. if you are starting a family in a more unusual way, you are advised to get some legal advice and draw up an agreement.

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Are you considering starting your family through donor conception, co-parenting, adoption or fostering? Are you single, lesbian or gay and want to know what options are available to you? Or maybe you have already created your family, then why not connect with other alternative families in your area.

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Ï've been using Pride angel for several years and must say that it's my favourite website for finding special couples to help. I think it simply attracts the higher calibre recipients. I'm proud to say that i've met two lovely couples from Australia on here which has resulted in pregnancies. They...


I apologize that it has taken us so long to reply to your kind email. We are doing wonderfully and 10 months ago welcomed our daughter Maiya. Here are just a few quick updates on how everything worked out: *We conceived on the third try with the insemination kit *Had some difficulties when m...

Vera, Natalie, and Maiya,

I have just received my package, wow fast delivery.Thank you so much & may the Force Be With Me , lol.

Vicky, New Zealand

I decided to try pride angel after I realised that going down the IVF route was going to cost me so much money I would end up paying it off most of my child's life. It was scary at first, a bit like going on a date but after the first meeting I found it was easy and actually every man I met was s...

Hellen and Partner,

Dear Pride Angel, I have been wanting to write for a long time but finally I have taken the time to do it. Thanks to this website I am now a dad. Ethan was born 17 July 2014. He lives with his two amazing mums Jane and Sarah. I can't believe how lucky we are. We feel so blessed! Legally they are...


Thanks so much for speedy dispatching and great communication

Sharon, NZ

I found may donor thanks to God and your page. My wife and I say "Thanks for everything and God bless you all"


I have now found the perfect recipient through your wonderful website.

James, UK

Well, I can see you run your business with caring and quality, both things which I admire very much. Thank you so much for your patience with us, and we look forward to an excellent result.

Charles and Partner,

We have been meaning to get in touch and say a huge thank you to you for the use of your website. A few years ago we decided to try and start a family as a female, same sex couple. We used your website and found a lovely man who wanted the same things that we did. We lived at opposite ends of the...

Sarah and Partner,

My wife and I have found a wonderful donor through the site. After a lot of searching and chatting, we met our favourite in person and found that he was not only sensitive and respectful, but also shared so much in common with us, and had so many traits we hoped to pass on to our children ourselv...

Mrs and Mrs M, Canada,

Hello Pride Angel! Thank you so much, your site is so full of useful information, hints and tips. The shop has a brilliant range of insemination kits and so much more. We had our Ellie in November 2012, we used artificial insemination at home with the deluxe insemination kit and are now trying fo...

Rachel & Partner,

Thank you so much for the great customer service! I really appreciate it!


You provide a fantastic service and great kits thank you.

Charlotte & Partner, UK

My partner and I had 7 children between us (5 hers and 2mine) therefor most people would think that we had our hands full and the prospect of another baby would be ridiculous!! January 2013 we decided that to complete our family we wanted a baby of our own, BUT how do lesbian couples fall pregnan...

Lisa & Peta, Australia

I think what you do to bring everyone together to create little miracles is amazing. Pride Angel is a wonderful website, it is because of you that I have my four month old baby boy and we now starting to inquire about having another in year or so.

K & K, Berkshire

After deciding to start a family using a sperm donor we came across the PrideAngel website and after having a look we felt that it was the right decision for us. We found our donor through the site and the process was made even easier as we bought the kit to do the procedure off the site too. Luc...

Tash and Dawn, UK

I just wanted to thank you and the company. Myself and my Wife bought an Artificial Insemination Kit from you and after using it for the first time my wife is 4 weeks pregnant all thanks to your kit. You've made our family complete. Thank you.


This Journey is way harder than I thought. But thanks to your site, I found the most wonderful donor and I hope I will have a baby through IVF soon.

Yuka, London

Me and my partner Caitlin managed to get pregnant last year in March 2012 by using the artificial insemination technique with a private donor and a Pride Angel kit. I had a very long pregnancy and wasn't particularly well. I suffered a lot of urine infections and bad back pains. This was all forg...

Rachel and Caitlin, United Kingdom

Thank you for an excellent service and excellent products.

Ms Johnson, USA

Wow, just received my order! Very impressed by the delivery.

Kelly, Surrey

Thanks so much again, you've been very helpful.

Pam, United Kingdom

It's the best of the donor websites, however I am now retiring. I have helped 1 x hetro, 2 x lesbian couples by AI. They all have happy daughters. I have also met another lesbian couple with whom I will have a basic co-parenting agreement with them. I hope to set up in North Wales and they will b...


A few months ago I ordered the Zestica conception kit from you guys. I just want to say a hugh THANK YOU! After trying to conceive for 2.5 years, surgery and many dedicated cycles, I just found out I am pregnant after using the kit just once! I had used another kit for 18 months with no success, ...

Alyce, Australia

I appreciate that your site is so brilliantly run and "conceived" (so to speak!).

Max, USA

I think you have a great website (clean, simple and inviting) and the message credits doesn't feel like a rip-off membership fee. Keep up the good work.

Mitch, Scotland

Thank you so much on the great customer service, and thank you very much for the best wishes.

, Bay Area, California

Thank you for your amazing site, willing to help others.


WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE, I'm more than impressed, I've already had contact.


Hello! just to let you know we bought your deluxe insemination kit early this year. We found a donor to help us and inseminated on 5th march 2012, we are now 4 weeks pregnant!! Thank you so much, you are brilliant and the syringe extenders are the best item in your kit, they really help get the s...

Rachel and Caitlin, Derbyshire

As a guy who made the decision to walk the talk with regards to helping same sex couples become families, I didn't know what to expect when setting out on this journey. Having used a couple of other sperm donor sites I can emphatically say that prideangel is the best. Actually, in my case, too go...

Gary, Australia

Thank you Pride Angel you are definitely providing a great service for your members.


I do like your site as I find the ladies on it are sincere in their search for a donor and I have never been messed around by anyone on your site and none have made inappropriate suggestions as to how I should supply my donation! I wouldn't fancy putting myself at risk doing such a thing. When pe...

Simon, Luton

My experience was great on Pride Angel and achieved what I wanted to achieve. Thanks very much.

Katrina, December

Pride Angel rocks, what a great site!


We saw you at the "kids are alright" night at Manchester Pride. We bought a kit off your website and are thrilled to say it worked first time! We now have a gorgeous son. We used a known donor and chose to do the insemination at home (after the necessary health checks). We would recommend the Pr...

Sam, Rachel and Baby T,

Thank you Pride Angel for your site, it is wonderful for people who really want children.

, Anonymous

PrideAngel is a life line to so many people, I'm so glad I found it, my love goes out to the people who run it!

Emily, London

We would like to thank you for your support and advice about home insemination. The deluxe insemination kit we bought was excellent and meant that I became pregnant after only 2 months. Thank you so much, we are both thrilled.

Emma & Nicky, London

You have a wonderful website. One of the best, and often the only help given to so many people. I am pleased to play a small part in it. Thank you for continuing to make it possible. All the best.


My wife and I found a donor through Pride Angel and are now pregnant, we cant thank you enough. Your support and fast response has been second to none. A very happy and excited Julie.

Julie, Australia

We've been lucky enough to find a donor through your wonderful site. Many thanks.

Sarah, Manchester

Eventually after years of trying, I'm pregnant thanks to your fantastic site, your support has been so helpful!

Gill, Manchester

Thank you for creating this wonderful site, at last we have found a donor we are happy with.

Jane, United Kingdom

I didn't realise when I bought 'a kit' that the people who sold it would be so lovely and supportive. Thank you so much.

Louisa, London

Thank you Pride Angel for providing a great source of information and the facility to buy a 'DIY' kit that isn't a rip off. We are pleased to tell you we have been lucky enough to conceive 1st try! We will soon have our own angel! Thank you.


We bought a kit off your website and are pleased to say we got pregnant on our second attempt!

Sam Marshall-Joseph,

We have just had some great news, my partner is now pregnant from using a donor we found through Pride Angel. Thank you so much

C & J, United Kingdom

I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful service, after months of searching I have found my co-parent through your site. Thank you again for making my dream come true.

Bex, United Kingdom

We are really pleased with the deluxe insemination kit we have just purchased, we have been looking on the web for a while at different products and the kit we received from Pride Angel is the most comprehensive we have found.

Kate, Herefordshire

What a fantastic website, it is about time it was done properly!

Chris, Merseyside

Its a great idea having all the fertility, health screening and legal advice all on one site.

Lynne, Manchester

We love this site, it is really useable, unlike other websites it's really clear and easy to use.

Claire & Sarah, Manchester

It is great that this service is gay owned and run, and they have personal experience of donor insemination. What a great service for the LGBT community.

John, London

There are so many people around the would who would like to be a partners and they need a person, with whom they could match. This is such a noble idea, to connect people for being parents. We connect on many issues, but sometimes one wish exclude the other. Having a project of partnerhood, of ra...


Just wanted to say thank you, im very impressed that the package arrived in Denmark today already. Perfect! Best

Anon, Denmark

I've made contact with a sperm donor. even though I have not as yet have had a positive result; we presently make a good team and hopefully will experience a good result. Thank you for a fantastic website.


" I have been successful twice with two couples and happy with what the site has helped us to achieve

Paul, Yorkshire

Thank you Pride Angel for providing a great source of information and the facility to buy a "DIY" Kit that isnt a rip off. We are pleased to tell you that we have been lucky enough to conceive 1st try! We will soon have our own Angel. Thanks Again


We just want to give a big shout out and thank you to Pride Angel. We are now 7 weeks pregnant and over the moon. We couldn't have done this without you and look forward to having our Pride Angel baby

Mrs Field,

Its such an amazing thing to help others, achieve their dreams of start a family. I am proud to be a donor :-)

Zayn, Birmingham

The new platform has caused a lot more activity re: my profile. The Views and Likes really generate a lot more contact. Good improvement!

Peter, UK

Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how helpful and lovely everybody has been in dealing with the queries that I have had. You've all been fantastic and really prompt in your replies.

Tam, UK

My wife and I have the most amazing 21 month old boy after meet the donor on here, all of our dreams came true and it is all thanks to pride angel. We have even stayed in touch with the donor and are hopefully going to try again. I would never have carried my own baby if it wasn't for you and wou...


We would just like to let you know, that through the power of Pride Angel, me and my wife have a family. We met our donor on here just over 3 years ago, and after 2 donations we conceived a little boy, and 6 months ago we conceived another baby, a girl, with the same donor. I have recommended Pri...

Emma, UK

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work in helping to make Pride Angel a wonderful and beautiful resource for couples/women in need of assistance and open mindedness.

John, UK

because it is more practical to buy credits than the way on other sites , where both parties must pay membership.


My wife and I found our donor on pride angel and I can honestly say it’s changed my life! We now have a 1 year old boy and I’m so grateful for our donor but also pride angel for providing such an amazing platform for people like myself to find a donor. Thank you!!


I'm 1 year on Prideangel, have some fertility promblems. But have a chance! Need to work on. And this website are helped me to find a donor. And support me in opportunity to have a child and don't give up in this plan. Thank you for helping people make come true their dreams and for support them ...


I first come across with Pride Angel at Fertility Show where I met with one of the co-founders. I was so delighted about this idea of having a freedom to chose someone I would want to share the gift of co-parenting, or even finding a sperm donor without having that commercial pressure that I was ...


Congrats to the site owners on your pregnancy - enjoy every moment. I just found out this morning that I am pregnant with triplets, so still in denial or shock..... All the best to each and every one on their special journey.

Simone de Wet,

After searching for an egg donor on this site, we found a perfect lady who has given us a girl and then a boy and these children are beautiful. Thank you

Tess, UK

Congrats guys, so pleased for you, without your website n help we wouldn't have our 3 gorgeous boys now xxx We have 3 boys 😊😊 the 2 babies have the same donor, my partner & I were pregnant together & they were born 12wks apart 😍 Read our story here http://www.prideangel.com/Why-Pride-Angel/...

Sharma & Louise Ryley-Borrett , UK

My partner and I after 5 years of being together are getting married next year!! After ups and done and not being supported the whole way have finally made it and are wanting to live out next chapter as a complete family. Hopfully with the help of pride angel of ultimate dream will become a reali...

Vicky W,

This site is very good . It feels very serious and there are a lot of oppsions that you can chose from. Great site!

Sylwia, Sweden

Very pleased with all of the help from the group, thank you

Tina, Cambridgeshire, UK

Greetings, Just information from a successful sperm donor. Although it is looked upon as a journey for future parents, the donors must each have a story to tell ? I am a mature guy , married a girl much younger, to say I had found my soul mate was an understatement. He biggest desire was to becom...

Jon, UK

During all this time at Pride Angel as a donor I have been fortunate that many couples looking for their dream of forming a family have contacted me to be able to carry it out. It is difficult to reach the end, there are obstacles such as distance or combine the days of both parties, but when yo...

Alexander, UK

Great site helped wonderful recipient who is now pregnant

Steven, UK

I met a donor through this site and we were lucky enough to conceive quite quickly. We have a beautiful daughter who is 2 now and are a very happy coparenting family. Thank you Pride Angel.

Emma, North Yorkshire

We are so grateful for Pride Angel, where we met our donor. Our donor has donated to us twice and my partner and I gave birth to one child each, both of whom are absolutely beautiful. We actually met the founders of Pride Angel at Brighton Pride last year and we were overwhelmed by their sheer d...

Lucy and Edit,

I found the site easy to use and navigate and it helped me to find different matches who I helped. So thank you for all your help."

David, Northumbleland, UK

Lovely Website, thank you

Robert, London

We found our perfect sperm donor using Pride Angel. We now have two beautiful children and a life long friend

Chloe and Emma, London, UK

We found a lovely donor and he was fabulous throughout. It took us three months before we fell pregnant ( which anyone trying knows is pretty quick) my advice is to persevere!! Currently four months and find out the sex of the baby in a few weeks. You may kiss a few frogs on your search for a don...

Rachel, West Yorkshire, UK

This is a wonderful website, and I am thankful the site exists in the first place, the ease of use also made it convenient .Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to be able to help others.

Alex, USA

I've met some wonderful people and have now helped 3 couples become a whole family through here. I have agreed to help another 4! My experience has been nearly perfect! The only advise I would like to add is when choosing a donor don't let them ask anything of you that you're not totally happy wi...

Martin, Dorset, UK

I met my doner on here, it was easy and safe to chat with members and find the right person. I now have a beautiful daughter, 1 month old, and couldn't be happier. I discussed how much I wanted to keep in contact and how things would be after the birth and we agreed everything before we sta...


We have found a donor

Liz and Partner, California, USA

I found a donor who had been declined from a sperm bank for being gay. Now we are using that same bank to transfer the donation to us. Thanks for providing a helpful service!

Liz and Iris, USA

Thanks for your support, I'm glad websites like this one exist!

Jessi and Partner, Canada

Thanks, there is SO much information ... Your website is incredibly helpful and, right now, i dont know where we would be without it! There is quite simply no other website which gives the same level of detail and allows a couple to be self sufficient. We are at the very beginning of our jo...

Kaylie and Partner, Leicestershire, UK

This website met my needs perfectly. I always felt safe and in control. I found a donor that fitted my needs exactly. And have currently tried to conceive twice, and will continue to try until it is successful. Thanks Pride Angel 😁

Rachel, Wiltshire, UK

"This site was very helpful in connecting us with a number of individuals who were interested in helping us start our family. We are thankful to the site and all who messaged us and answered our many questions."

Beth and Partner, USA, Texas

This site is pretty legit. I met a donor and he is absolutely amazing and has been so helpful in this process.

Brittany, Washington, USA

I have smart kid via this site :) ! Looked for friendly co-parent. Found only uninvolved sperm donor. But son is healthy and kicking :) Now looking for co-parent again :) ! for second child, hopefully!


I've happily found a donor and are hoping to conceive soon.

Amirah, East Sussex, UK

I thank pride angel, I was in a place in my life where I wanted a baby and had no partner that wanted one. Thanks to pride angel I met someone in a similar situation

Ruth, Dublin, Ireland


Sarah, Essex, UK

We have managed to have a beautiful baby with you're help.

Amanda & Partner, Cheshire UK

Amazing site found exactly what I was looking for

Anthony, Donor, Dublin, Ireland

Great thanks

Ellie, Staffordshire


Stephanie, North Ayrshire

Brilliant Site

Kurt, Gloucestershire

We found a donor 5 years ago and now have two beautiful children. Thank you.

Susan & Carly, Hampshire, UK

I am pregnant x

Caitlin, Manchester, UK

I found my donor and now have two beautiful children. thank you for helping us create a family.

Susan, Hampshire, UK

I find the site to be very helpful and it helps serve a need.

D and Brit, North Carolina, USA

Great site very happy with it

Helen & Partner , Ireland

"I started trying to conceive as a 30 year old single mother by choice. To begin with, I spent eye-watering sums on failed rounds of IVF (3 x full rounds) and IUI at clinics ( 3 x full rounds) using frozen sperm-bank sperm. After spending tens of thousands (literally) and wasting around 2 years t...

Akua, Europe

Thank you for connecting us to our sperm donor!!!

E, Canada

"I would like to thank PrideAngel for your incredible work connecting donors and recipients. Because of your service, there's a happy and healthy baby girl growing up in Sweden right now. She wouldn't have existed if I hadn't connected with her mother through your website. It brings me so much jo...

Patrik, Sweden

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this system.

Aiko, Japan

It felt really good that Pride Angel was there when I needed some guidance on how processes should be undertaken, how best to 'vet' people and just to get a general feel for how things should be done properly. I did Find my donor outside of Pride Angel and have a beautiful 2 year old, but I want...

Tam, Cardiff, UK

I loved this site and have met and helped the most amazing people create families. We all still have a special bond and will forever be grateful to this site for helping us meet and experience the most precious gift of love and family and life. If I were younger, I would most certainly do another...

Jo Ann, Hampshire, UK

Brilliant site have helped a few people would recommend to everyone

Ryan, Cheshire, UK

Flicking through TV channels back in my early twenties, I stumbled upon a documentary about childless couples in the UK and the heartache so many go through to have a child of their own. This planted a seed in my mind and a desire to help in some way, and every now and then in the following ye...

Steve, Monmouthshire

there are many ways you can contribute to humanity, i thank all recipients who chose me to be their donor, and encouraged to more likewise work

Tino M,

Me being a infertile male and my wife being totally fertilie, we went to Manchester fertility event (before covid shmovid) my wife was not keen on sites like this, but we met one of the owners at the event and decided to give the site a look over. 

Riley and Michelle,

You have a created a wonderful website and I know this has provided life changing gifts to many of your users.

Mathew, London

We were recommended Pride Angel by the lesbian community on Instagram. It had very mixed reviews and what felt like a stigma from some. As a married lesbian couple with no children we had no idea about my fertility. We did however have a great desire to have a child. We had discussed that we w...

Anon, UK

I love Pride Angel and have met some wonderful people through it. I've been fortunate enough to provide two couples with a baby each and am working with a further two to make little bundles of joy.


The site has been good and I have helped make 3 babies but that is enough.

David, Portsmouth

I commend you on an AWESOME site 😊

Steven, Cape Town

I signed up to Pride Angel when I made the decision to be a 'solo mom by choice'. I signed up as a premium member as I really wanted to connect with the donor. The site was easy to navigate and it was easy to upload my profile. The questions you answer are great as well. The donors giv...

Eve, West middlands, UK

I intend to become a sperm donor to a couple and help them start a family considering I'm not able to support one on my own.


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