pregnantbelly-small.jpgGetting pregnant for single, lesbian and interfile couples is mostly achieved by artificial insemination.

This is ideally performed in a fertility clinic, however home insemination is a successful method for achieving pregnancy. To ensure that insemination is undertaken at the best time, it is vital to use an ovulation test to identity the 'fertile window'.

Artificial insemination

Successful pregnancy can be achieved using an artificial or home insemination kit. The kit comprises of a syringe to insert the sperm into the vagina, a specimen collection container for the sperm (semen). It also includes ovulation tests, pregnancy tests and full instructions. Our deluxe insemination kit also contains, a speculum which allows for the sperm to be directed towards the cervix, a digital thermometer to identify fertile times and pre-seed lubricant which is specially designed to be sperm friendly.

Nutrition & Vitamins

The correct nutrition plays an important role in the fertility of both men and women. Fertility expert Zeta West has produced a range of vitamin supplements specially created to increase your fertility. Vitafem is designed for women and Vitamen is designed for men.