Parenting Law

Parenting law issues

Conceiving a child is just the start of your journey; becoming a parent is a challenge which will be with you for the rest of your life.  Families created through fertility treatment or in alternative family structures often have uniquely complex dynamics and issues to contend with.

Your child may, for example, want to find out more about his or her donor and you may want to know what your legal rights are, perhaps also in respect of older children conceived under different legal regimes. 

If you are co-parenting or have a child conceived with a known donor (or are a known donor yourself) unforeseen difficulties may arise between you and you may wish to explore where you stand legally.

If your relationship breaks down or someone dies unexpectedly, you may want to understand what your (or your ex-partner’s) legal position is in respect of your children and what rights you have.

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