Sperm Donor Screening

You can initially screen your potential sperm donor or co-parent  by choosing preferable characteristics using our advanced profile search system:

  • Hair & Eye colour
  • Height & Weight
  • Race
  • Age
  • About me description

You may also choose to screen your sperm donor on the basis of a compatable personality and parenting role.

There are many important questions which need to be addressed with your donor, co-parent or recipient.

  • Do they want to be involved in the childs life, if so how often?
  • Do they wish to have parental responsbility?
  • Do they wish to be financially responsbible?

If your sperm donors fertility is unknown, i.e. there are no previous children, it may be advisable for the donor to check their sperm count. This can be undertaken at the donor's GP, alternatively we have a male fertility sperm count kit to purchase, which can be done in the privacy of the home.

General Health Screening

Further screening includes blood and urine analysis. The following tests can all be done at your GP, who will assesss your risk and requirements for the following tests:

  • Full blood count for anaemia and other blood disorders
  • Biochemistry screen, cholesterol and liver function tests
  • Blood group and RH factor testing
  • Urinalysis