We are all aware of the importance of good health prior to conception, during pregnancy & after giving birth through eating healthily & taking a good vitamin & mineral supplement but there is a way to help yourself further & give your baby a healthy & natural start to life.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a safe & effective system of medicine which has been used for over 200 years using remedies made from natural sources in a highly diluted form. It is based on the principle that ‘like cures like’ in that a substance (eg. coffee) will cause certain symptoms (eg. hyperactivity, jitters, alertness) when taken by a healthy person. Therefore, in a healthy person displaying these similar symptoms (eg. ADHD, Hyperactivity, Insomnia) the homeopathic form of that substance (eg. coffee) can be used to aid them to recovery.

What can Homeopathy be used for?

It can be used to help with a whole range of acute or chronic conditions but it is also useful to restore & maintain a healthy constitution. Homeopathy is a holistic therapy which treats the whole individual. This means that when a homeopath is prescribing a remedy, he or she will not just ask you about your symptoms but will also ask you about mental & emotional issues like your fears, anxieties & personality; as well as general things like food, thirst, temperature, likes/dislikes, sleep etc. In this way, the homeopath can match you, as a person, more closely to the remedy you require.

Homeopathy & Pregnancy

Homeopathy can be used to help couples with conception by preparing parents &/or donors, physically & mentally whilst they try to become pregnant.

It can naturally & safely support mother & baby throughout pregnancy ensuring that mum is kept in good health & that baby is given a good start in life. Any ailments or issues which may arise during the pregnancy can be helped with homeopathy, like morning sickness, heartburn, haemorrhoids, backache, birth anxiety etc.

Homeopathy can even be used during labour & childbirth to help support both mother & baby through a more natural birth as well as aiding recovery afterwards. For those who require a Caesarean section, homeopathy can help mother & baby prepare & recover from this too.

Once your beautiful baby has arrived, homeopathy is at hand to see you & your family through all stages of your lives.

Homeopathy & Infertility

As well as being a useful aid to a healthy pregnancy & beyond, Homeopathy can also help with various fertility issues. From low sperm count or hormonal imbalance to multiple miscarriage, homeopathy can offer a natural route to conception by improving overall & reproductive health & therefore helping to alleviate the underlying causes of infertility.

Introducing Sarah

Sarah is a Registered Homeopath & runs her own homeopathic practice, Rainbow Homeopathy, in Nottinghamshire & South Yorkshire. She sees patients for a whole range of ailments but specialises in treating couples with fertility issues as well as children & adults with behavioural problems including autism.

Before studying for her degree in Homeopathy, Sarah was a teacher of Science & Psychology & later completed a Masters degree in Autism during which she completed a 12 week research trial using Homeopathy to treat behavioural issues in children with Autism. She lives with her partner of 5 years & they became civil partners last year. She has three children (aged 14, 11 & 8) from a previous marriage & so has experience of helping & steering children through the transition!

Please feel free to ask Sarah for any advice on homeopathy, pregnancy or children, through our forum.