Fertility Lubricant

Conceiveplustube.jpgWhat is Conceive Plus® ? 

About Conceive Plus® Fertility Lubricant 

Fertility support is an essential part of conception, whether you are just starting out or have been trying for some time. Regular lubricants are proven to have negative effects on the fertilization process and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

Conceive Plus® is a FDA cleared fertility friendly personal lubricant that is formulated to be isotonic and meet a pH range compatible with human sperm survival and migration. Intended to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity, supplement the body’s natural lubrication and help couples on the path to getting pregnant naturally. 
Key benefits: 

• FDA cleared safe for couples trying to conceive 
• Compatible with sperm, oocytes and embryo development 
• pH balanced and Isotonic to mimic fertile fluids 
• Contains Calcium & Magnesium Ions 
• A Published study shows sperm safety 

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Conceive Plus® is clinically proven to not harm sperm function like other personal lubricants can and to be safe for use by all couples who want to get pregnant naturally. 

When you are NOT trying to get pregnant, this product is also compatible with natural rubber latex and polyurethane condoms. 

CLINICAL USE: Conceive Plus® can also be used in fertility interventions to facilitate entry of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity. 

Conceive Plus® does not harm sperm like other personal lubricants can!

A formula for success
Conceive Plus® is a fertility friendly personal lubricant that is proven to be safe for sperm motility, safe for sperm viability and is the only lubricant to contain both calcium and magnesium ions. These ions are essential for cell viability in our bodies and the process of fertilization.


Figure 1: Typical barrier created by other vaginal lubricants no mixing of sperm after 10 minutes.


Figure 2: Conceive Plus® at 1 min - No barrier to sperm


Figure 3: Conceive Plus® at 10 min - Complete mixing of sperm. *Images of bovine sperm 

The images above demonstrate the typical barrier created between sperm and regular personal lubricants after 10 minutes, and the complete mixing of Conceive Plus® and sperm following the same exposure time.

Regular lubricants often form a barrier to sperm motility. Conceive Plus® preserves motility by mixing with the sperm within a matter of minutes. The gentle formulation of Conceive Plus® matches fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a conception-friendly environment. Conceive Plus® is compatible with sperm, oocytes and embryos and can be used by couples trying to conceive.

This product is formulated to help the natural functions of the body on its path to getting pregnant naturally. 

Positive results in comparative study 
In a comparative study with its competitors, Conceive Plus® displays improved viability compared with sperm exposed to other lubricants.


Table 1: Affect of KY Astroglide, Replens on viability and mobility of sperm


Table 2: Sperm incubated in Conceive Plus® as compared to KY and optimum cell culture with no lubricant.

The pleasure principle 
The unique formula of Conceive Plus® can help to increase pleasure and relieve the negative effects of vaginal dryness. Making the "trying to conceive" process even more enjoyable and exciting for you and your partner and help you both on the path to getting pregnant naturally!

Published study shows sperm safety 
The unique formulation of Conceive Plus® has been clinically proven to maintain sperm viability, sperm motility and be safe for embryo development, assisting in providing an environment that may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The data was presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine6 and has been published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, volume 92, issue 2. 

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SASMAR® is a multinational pharmaceutical company with a particular focus on women’s health and family planning. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 2005, the company now has its global headquarters located in Brussels, Belgium. SASMAR® is a manufacturer and major supplier of lubricants to governmental aid organisations in HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness programs in Third World and developing countries. Official supplier of personal lubricants to the United Nations, SASMAR® brands are also sold in over 60 countries. For more information on SASMAR visit the corporate website. 
6 Development of a Novel, Physiologically Important Ca2+ and Mg2+ ion Containing Non-Spermicidal Vaginal Lubricant J. Kurtz1,2,3, E. Willmer1,2, B. Nikolic1,3, and V. Gupta1,4 1Aquatrove Biosciences, Inc., Miami FL; 2 Emmanuel College, Boston MA; 3 Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA; 4 Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami FL Fertility and Sterility, Volume 92, Issue 3, Supplement 1, September 2009, Pages S212-S213