Egg Donation

You can become an egg donor if you are fit and healthy, between 21 - 35years. Fertility clinics may accept known donors who are older than 35 years, if the recipient is happy to have you as their donor. It is unlikely that a clinic would recommend a woman becoming a donor over the age of 38 due to the decline in egg quality. Please contact your local fertility clinic for further information. It is important that your periods are regular and normal as this indicates that hormone levels are within normal range. Also you must be of a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI).

Membership is free and as a thank you for being an egg donor your account will be credited with 10 free message credits topped up monthly, to allow you to make contact with other members. Your account will be credited automatically.

After meeting your chosen recipient you would need to go along to a fertility clinic together. The procedure of egg collection would take place at a HFEA regulated clinic of your choice. This process would include counselling, infection and health screens. You would be required to take medication to stimulate the production of eggs. The procedure involves lightly invasive surgery to collect the eggs. 

Using Pride Angel connection service, you will be able to choose the infertile couple or woman you would like to help. This gives the reassurance of knowing that the child will be brought up within a family environment that you feel happy with. You also get to see the joy in the lives of the people you will be helping, which makes the process of donating much more satisfying. The infertile couple may also agree for you to have occasional contact with the child, giving the child the advantage of knowing their biological identity.

Choosing to become a known egg donor is a huge decision. It is important to consider that you may feel emotionally pulled if you were to meet the child who is genetically your make up. It is vital that if you do decide to donate eggs to a woman or couple that you have met, that you all have counselling and are open and honest with each other from the start. Many fertility clinics have counselling services to help you with this decision. Finding the right person to donate to can be very rewarding and worthwhile.

The birth mother retains all legal rights to the child in the UK regardless of whether she conceives with her own eggs or donor eggs. It is still advisable to have a legal contract arranged if donating to someone you meet through Pride Angel especially if you intend to have any ongoing contact with the child.

It is illegal within the UK for a woman to sell their eggs. We at Pride Angel ask that all donors are donating because they wish to help an infertile woman bring a child into the world, without any financial reasons. You are however entitled to request any expenses occurred from your recipient, such as travelling costs, overnight stay if required and any child care costs. Currently the maximum amount that may be charged for expenses is £800.