It's free to join as a Pride Angel member, simply register as a sperm donor, egg donor, co-parent or recipient to create your own personal profile. This will allow you to search our members and see full profile details including photos.

Alternatively you may join as a clinic, fertility service or expert within your chosen field. Our bronze advertising package is free, or why not upgrade to silver, gold or platinum to get extra benefits and more visibility.

If you are simply wishing to get more information about fertility and want to connect with our fertility clinics and services, then we recommend joining as a Pride Angel friend.



It is totally free to search profiles and add your own personal profile as a member. We charge a small amount for message credits to enable you to communicate with your chosen donor or co-parent. Message credits are priced from just £30. The money received from message credits is purely used for the website hosting and admin costs.

Pride Angel is free to register and enables members to create a personal profile, as well as search and view full profiles of sperm donors and co-parents. Once you have found a suitable match you are able to communicate safely through our internal message system. Message credits are for users safety and can be purchased once you register and log in. 

Prices start at £30 for 20 message credits, £38 for 30 message credit, or £48 for 50 message credits. 

Alternatively why not upgrade to Premium membership, whereby you will receive 50 free monthly message credits, along with many more benefits.

All funds from message credits go directly back into the hosting and running of the Pride Angel website, to ensure this valuable service is continued.

Our free membership allows you to buy PAYG message credits, therefore there is no need to be tied into subscription payments. Members have the option of upgrading to Premium membership, which has many addditional benefits and is more cost effective. Premium membership does require subcriptions payments, however these may be cancelled at any time.



Membership is free and as a donor you will receive 10 monthly free message credits. These will be automatically added to your account.

Membership is free and as a donor you will receive 10 monthly free message credits. These will be automatically added to your account.

You simply click the register button as a sperm donor, egg donor, co-parent or recipient and add a few basic details about yourself. Once you have verified your account, you then have the opportunity to add more details to your profile within the 'About me' and 'interests' sections. The more details you add about yourself, the more likely other users will want to contact you. We always recommend adding a photo of yourself as well.

If you have expertise within fertility, pregnancy or parenting you may also create a personal profile as an expert. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote yourself and connect with our members. Experts must hold qualifications within their expert field.

Alternatively you may create a profile as a Pride Angel friend if you simply wish to find out more about fertility and/or want to contact our clinics or experts.

The health questionnaire is totally optional, it is purely a way of expressing to other members that you are willing to give information about your health and that you are committed to health screening. If you do not wish to display the information on the health questionnaire to all users, then simply make the questionnaire 'private' within the 'edit your profile' section. Some members may only wish to give personal details regarding their health directly.

You may upload a photo from your phone or computer. Login and go to 'my profile' then click on 'edit photo', this will take you to the 'manage pictures' page. Click on 'select photo'. This will allow you to browse images on your phone or laptop. Simply select the image you require and click 'save'. If the image saves successfully then it will be sent for authorisation before going live. Your photo will generally be shown as live on your profile within 24hrs. Sometimes the image may be too large, if this is the case then please reduce the size of the image using a photo editor tool on your computer, before uploading it.

Once you have created a profile it will be automatically visible to other users. To check this, please go to 'my profile'' and ensure that your profile is marked as 'profile visible' at the bottom of your profile page. If it says 'profile hidden' then click on this to change it to 'profile visible'. To see how other members view your profile, click on the 'preview' button located below your image.


Once you are logged in, you will not be able to view your own profile. However you can see how other members will view your profile by clicking on 'my profile' and then clicking the 'preview' button located below your image. In addition you need to ensure that your profile is visible by checking that it says 'profile visible' at the bottom of your profile. If it says 'profile hidden' then please click on this button to change it to 'profile visible'.

If you create a profile and then decide you do not wish for the details to be visible to other members, simply login, go to 'my profile' and click on 'profile visibility' within your profile. This means that other users will not be able to see any details about you, although you can still remain a member and have the benefits of being able to view other profiles. This is useful if you are just browsing profiles or are communicating with a member but do not want to delete your profile.

If you are just wishing to view profiles at this stage without being contacted by other members, it is possible to make your profile 'private' by going to 'my profile' then 'profile visibility', then clicking on 'private'. This allows you the benefit of being able to search full profiles whilst not being actively visible. If however you wish to have your profile deleted completely, simply click on the 'delete' button at the bottom of your profile.