NAET Allergy Elimination

Image result for naetWhat is NAET?

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, also known as NAET®, is a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to eliminate allergies of all types using a combination of energy balancing and treatment procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, chiropractic, nutritional, and kinesiological disciplines of medicine.

NAET uses kinesiological Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to indicate the energy imbalance or blockage caused by the allergen. Once each allergen is identified, treatment will follow to desensitize each specific allergen. Normally, only one allergen (or one group) is treated at a time. After the procedure is completed, the patient continues to hold the allergen vial for 20 minutes and then avoids the allergen for 25 hours.

If you are not severely immune deficient, you may need just one treatment to desensitize one allergen. A person with mild to moderate amount of allergies may take about 15-20 office visits to desensitize 15-20 food and environmental allergens.

Basic essential nutrNAET energy vialsients are treated during the first few visits. Chemicals, environmental allergens, vaccinations, immunizations, etc. are treated after completing about ten basic essential nutrients. NAET® can successfully eliminate adverse reactions to egg, milk, peanuts, penicillin, aspirin, mushrooms, shellfish, latex, grass, ragweed, flowers, perfume, animal dander, animal epithelial, make-up, chemicals, cigarette smoke, pathogens, heat, cold, other environmental agents. It may take several office visits to desensitize a severe allergen.

NAET can treat a wide range of allergic conditions/symptoms to include:

  • Food Allergies
  • Hay fever
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Indigestion
  • Irritable bowel
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Dermatitis
  • Anxiety/depression

NAET for treating infertility

If you are experiencing problems conceiving and you have any of the above conditions/symptoms, the chances are that your body is experiencing allergies and intolerances to certain foods, chemicals or other environmental agents which may be affecting your bodies wellbeing and ultimately your fertility.

The good news is that once allergies are identified they are easy to re-balance using NAET accupressure and chiropractic techniques.

Allergies and infertility

Up to 20% of the population has an allergic condition, making allergies the sixth leading cause of chronic disease. Allergies may play an important role in women and men’s infertility. According to Chinese medicine, allergies and allergy-based disorders are the results of long-term energy disturbances in the energy pathways (meridians). Severe allergic reactions are caused by a severe energy disturbance in one or more energy meridians. Identifying and treating allergies can balance energy system which in turn improve the entire health.

How NAET can help your fertility

  • Nutritional deficiencies - allergies to certain vitamins, nutrients and proteins can weaken the body and reduce fertility. By using NAET to rebalance the body's reaction to nutrients and foods, the body can start absorbing the correct nutrients again.
  • Hormone Imbalance - each hormone plays a vital and complex role during fertility, and many of them interact with each other to stimulate various parts of the whole process. Allergies and imbalances in hormones can lead to irregular and painful periods and problems with ovulation. Once hormones are balanced using NAET, the body can start to regulate itself again.
  • Sperm Allergy - Some women’s body may produce antibodies to kill the sperm or the growing embryo. By using NAET we are able to reduce the body's immune reaction and increase the chance of successful fertilisation and implantation.

NAET allergy elimination Information kindly supplied by: Karen Carmichael BSc. (Hons) certified NAET practitioner.

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